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Centrelink youth allowance help

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Hi everyone,


I am in need of a help. I am having a really tough time for sometime now. both financially and mentally. it has affected my studies as well. I am planning to apply for centrelink youth allowance. I am a uni student and I'll be considered as independant. I've got like 3 or 4 casual jobs but none of them have regular work.. couple of them will only have shifts in summer only. so I'll be done with them soon for this summer. one of the jobs I have is so casual that I gets shifts once in a few months. so my question is since those jobs are so irregular work and since I don't get a certain amount paid from them per week or month, what should I put it as my income when I apply for centrelink? its hard to even guess so should I just put in a rough figure? that will be obviously different to what my actualy payment is but I will most definitely not earn more than the centrelink earning limit for which my payments will be affected. don't want to get in to trouble or anything. not sure making an appointment with centrelink helps either. 


any help would be highly appreciated.


Thank you

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Re: Centrelink youth allowance help

Hey @meesha I'm on a few different payments with Centrelink including Abstudy. I think what you can do when you apply is put in the amounts of your recent payslips, most recent for each job, if you don't think you'll earn enough for to effect it then that works. Then you just put in the amount you work every week (or is fortnightly?)  in order to get your payment, so now that your summer job is ending, your payment may increase because you'll be getting less hours, therefore less money from work.  So when you apply, put in your recent pay amounts and then each week just change it depending on how much you earnt. You will have to go into Centrelink to finalise the process anyway, I think to prove your identity, so asking them would be a good option while you're there. 

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Re: Centrelink youth allowance help

Hey @j95 Thanks a lot for the response. will do so Smiley Happy

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