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Lunch Ideas! (For Work/School)

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Hi guys! 

I was wondering if anyone had any good lunch ideas they would like to share! 
Even favourite meals! 

I find cooking a very effective way to relax and I always get excited when I have good food to look forward to Smiley Very Happy

Anyone else like me? 

Some of my favourite work lunches is:


-Meatball sandwhich 

-Tuna sandwhich

-Pesto pasta

Smiley Tongue

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Re: Lunch Ideas! (For Work/School)

Me: Wakes up at a reasonable time.

Me: Showers. Does a little homework. Has some breakfast. Zones out.




Maybe I should start making lunches in advance. Hmm. Is there anything that keeps well that's fairly easy to prepare?


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Re: Lunch Ideas! (For Work/School)

@missep Awesome thread idea Smiley Very Happy


@roseisnotaplant Hmm I usually cook meals in bulk, divide them up into little containers and then freeze them. In the cooler months it usually stays cold enough to last until lunchtime, but if it's warm I pack an ice block if there's no fridge available. Spaghetti bolognese and veggie casseroles are usually my easy go-tos - just chop up whatever veggies are in the fridge and stick em all in a pot Smiley Tongue

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Re: Lunch Ideas! (For Work/School)

Like @lokifish I find spaghetti bologannaise (how do you spell that??) an easy go-to lunch. Other ideas:


  • Riceballs
  • Fried rice
  • In general rice with side dishes (e.g. stir-fried string beans with mince pork, tomato egg, daal makhani etc.)

With all this rice on here I wonder if anyone can tell I'm Asian...

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Re: Lunch Ideas! (For Work/School)

Well today I have a vegemite sandwich (well, had a vegemite sandwich, since it's been eaten), a chocolate hot cross bun, two cheese dip with biscuit lunch things (Dippets) and a museli bar.
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Re: Lunch Ideas! (For Work/School)

I think rice is a really good go-to lunch food @missep.

I usually take sandwiches, or toasted sandwiches if I'm at uni and can use the toaster. Or cuppa-Soups that you can make by adding some hot/boiling water to the sachets. Also two-minute noodles.


Or a salad, if I'm feeling like something a little more fresh.


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Re: Lunch Ideas! (For Work/School)

Thanks everyone!

I'm getting a lot of ideas now Smiley Very Happy

I should probably start making healthier things like salads but I tend to gravitate towards my favourite chicken schnitzel sandwhich Smiley Tongue 

It's a work in progress!

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Re: Lunch Ideas! (For Work/School)

i usually just stick with sandwiches of some sort. They're easy to make and I don't have to worry about any spillage. 

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Re: Lunch Ideas! (For Work/School)

Sandwiches are always a good lunch. Although it's hard when you're vegetarian and hate most vegetables (like salad! ugh Smiley Tongue)

Also, welcome to RO @Jan941!! Smiley Very Happy
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Re: Lunch Ideas! (For Work/School)

aaaaa im so bored of just sandwiches too and i wanna bring in lunches so i can be healthier and not spend money on fast food


I have leftover pasta today, and sometimes if we have extra sauce and pasta I'll make just tomato pasta which whatever else i can find. We grow herbs and vegetables so its easy ^^ 


My partners grandparents also once cooked us like 5 different kinds of soup and we froze them in containers and it was delicious - you can just microwave when you want ^^ 


I also like brown rice and those flavoured cans of tuna you can get, or cous cous and a bunch of herbs to make it interesting.


Or sometimes i just bring in like 5 muesli bars and hope i dont faint  


Another thing you can try is something like soylent - its a powder designed to replace a meal with every nutrient you need. its not very interesting but its really good if you just wanna eat to sustain yourself. 

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