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Re: Our Accomplishments

I love this thread idea @Bree-RO!


1. Completed both an undergrad and honours degree (Obvious not all during the last three years, but the graduating part from both happened in the last three years so it counts Smiley Tongue)

2. Sought out support and got to a vastly better place in my mental health

3. Started training for a counselling role in an organisation focusing on the exact sort of people I want to work with in future 

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Re: Our Accomplishments

@Bree-RO This is such a lovely thread idea!


1. I finally got my driver's licence!

2. Got two jobs in the reading/writing area, where I really want to be.

3. Started my 4th year in Psychology at uni, which I never thought I'd get into 


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Re: Our Accomplishments

1. i finished writing my short story

2. completed an artwork that was taking me a month to finish

3. went to a social gathering- i have social phobia so kinda big for me

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Re: Our Accomplishments

posting a couple of others if that's ok...

1. Got my heavy vehicle licence
2. Captained my footy team to a grand final win
3. Successfully advocated for my right to my siblings and now see them once a week
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