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Top Ten Tunes For Tough Times

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@Yvette-RO talked about how they have a playist that they listen to help them through tough times and i thought it was a really cool idea, so i'm making a thread about it! Also because i had a craving to share random memes...


Anyway, here's how Yvette-RO uses their playist: 


1. A wild tough time appears.  Whether that be someone is a bit of a bully, you're just feeling low, or a crappy thing happens.


2. You feel a bit overwhelemed and can't chill out enough to figure out what to do next.




3. You crank out your playlist of awesome tunes, to give your brain some time to wind down. Here's mine which is made by an awesome DJ called DJ koze (warning there's just a little bit of swearing at the start):





4. With things feeling a bit calmer, you can decide what to do next Smiley Happy




So, what's your tough times playlist?


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Re: Top Ten Tunes For Tough Times

Hmm, it depends.


If I want to listen to chill songs, I'll listen to something like the Life is Strange soundtrack or the Paper Kites. If I want something a bit more upbeat I'll go for something like AM or Royal Blood. I really like lots of different music, it's usually pretty effective at making me feel a little better.

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Re: Top Ten Tunes For Tough Times

Me too @roseisnotaplant! The music i listen too has a huuuge impact on my mood, and i often listen to music allll day Smiley Happy 

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Re: Top Ten Tunes For Tough Times

Yay for this thread Smiley Happy I listen to music heaps to help with anxiety (especially when I'm out) and to chill out and calm down when I'm feeling low. 


My favourites off my feel better playlist are called Hold OnFlaresTechnicolour BeatDoing The Right Thing, and Gasoline. I have a whole playlist but it's linked to my email account so I can't share it, sorry. 


I also listen to this singer a lot - Alice Kristiansen - she does covers of songs and her voice is really soothing Smiley Happy 

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Re: Top Ten Tunes For Tough Times

Hey everyone, thanks for the awesome feedback so far.


I'm loving that I'm getting new music recommendations too! I always end up listening to the same tracks over and over again.

I'm loving Christine and the Queens right now.

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Re: Top Ten Tunes For Tough Times

At the moment I can't stop listening to this guy called Ziggy Alberts, and I usually have his songs on repeat when I'm heading out for a surf or something. 

I like every one of his songs but the last couple of days I've really liked 

Land & Sea


Four Feet In The Forest

if you're into Ben Howard and the like then this is sorta similar 

//caught in fire, watch me burn gonna live my life, mark these words cause I'm home//
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Re: Top Ten Tunes For Tough Times

 hi @Ben-RO

 Katy Perry- Rise

Little Mix- Wings

Katy Perry- Chained to the Rhythm


these are good songs with a good beat, catchy lyrics and have a lot of meaning to keep going during the tough times

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Re: Top Ten Tunes For Tough Times

Loving the GIFs! 

I like to listen to 90s music because it feels really nostalgic and takes me out of a stressed mindset! 

Old school boy bands like Nsync or Backstreet Boys!

Definitely guilty pleasures. 

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