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When people post their marks all the time on Facebook

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Hi guys!

So yesterday I got my mark back for a really hard assignment I did. I was quite happy with my mark, and then I went on Facebook and on the study group there were a few girls who were posting the exact scores they got and how amazing it was and how they didn't need to try in the next assignment because they already have an HD average. On the other hand, I've been a bit stressed about the second assignment and seeing this made me feel a bit anxious. Does anyone else feel like this when they see people talking about how well they went in their assessments? I'm happy for them of course but it just made me a little bit ruffled and wanted to post on here to see what everyone else thinks! 

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Re: When people post their marks all the time on Facebook

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Hey @missep

I never see people discussing their marks from uni, beyond them mentioning what their WAM is when wondering about whether they're qualified for things, but I remember that feeling from high school. Especially around year 11 and 12 and with ATAR scores. So many people post about their score. so so many.
It always got to me too. If someone else's grade or result or anything was even a single mark higher than mine I'd feel unsure of myself.

I think one of the big things to remember is that most people haven't gotten a HD on that assignment. Most people are stressing/worrying about the next assignment too.

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Re: When people post their marks all the time on Facebook

It irritates me a bit, and @Birdeye is right... no one actually cares what mark you get after high school lmao. I like knowing the average of the class because i want to know where I sit, but beyond that... i hate people boasting


I think people post stuff like that because theyre a bit insecure. like theyre compensating for something. I used to be proud i could do well in stuff without trying, but now im suffering because i want to be able to try and care and actually do work than just coast. I think hard work is more important than the end result. 

unfortunately our education system doesnt rlly support this :/

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Re: When people post their marks all the time on Facebook

I promise you this @missep, the only people who care about your score are the school and your very first university. Then, it really doesn't matter.
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Re: When people post their marks all the time on Facebook

Hey everyone!


It may depend what you are studying.. in what I study, you need a high WAM to enter postgraduate courses.. you want to be the best. A lot of my friends and I share marks but we usually get a similar mark. It is super difficult if you don't do as well as you thought though.. sometimes my friend might get a lower mark than usual and it is hard to deal with that.. 


If I share a mark, I just say HD or whatever it is but I never talk about not needing to put in effort and only if people are asking for marks e.g "Did anyone get a HD?".. Someone has mentioned before that they find it really disheartening to hear people's marks.


Even though I get good marks, there are still people out there who have higher marks.. so I know what the feeling can be like. I try to tell myself that there will always be someone better BUT is this mark good for my own standard? Do I always get this mark? Is it higher than usual? In other words, compare to myself... it can still be a lot of pressure so I try to make sure I am still maintaining other areas of my life. There is always the chance in the next assignment!

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Re: When people post their marks all the time on Facebook

@missep I can definitely relate to what you're saying here. Although I haven't seen many people posting specific scores on Facebook while I've been at uni, it did happen a great deal in high school, and I find that even hearing about it in conversation can have quite a negative impact on how I'm feeling.


For me at those times, it's all about watching my thoughts and reminding myself that I am enough, regardless of my grades or anything else. Often easier said than done, though!


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