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am i complaining too much? should i toughen up or just get over it?

hi guys
so ive really been struggling with my mental illness (i  have 4) and ive recently disclosed another event as well. ive been told i should jsut get over it and just dont worry about it and im finding it really hard to 'just get over' im just wondering what others opinions are... do you think im just complaining?
ive also just discovered that i have a few physical health issues to deal with such as scoliosis, glasses, and a few of my main ligaments have been torn and have never been fully corrected as i never got a boot or anything to support it so now im stuck having a few torn ligamanents that will probably never heal so the pain that i feel will be constant unfortunately.
so i was just trying to have a conversation in general about my injury and treatment etc and she just rolled her eyes at me and said that i complain to much.. this is kinda the first times heard about it as i try not to complain about anything even when im struggling the most. even in my full panic state she usually jsut ignores me and then gets the craps at me...
do you think im complaining?

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