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should i get a therapist

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I feel like its expected that I should be in some form of therapy.

I left my old therapist in Jan and I feel like I'm supposed to re-engage with someone new. 


But I like not having a therapist RN. I kinda feel like I'm liberated. I feel like I'm learning more about myself, free of the restraints of talking about my problems in detail, like I'm discovering myself outside of my mental illnesses. 

I still have supports with my case manager and psychiatrist so its not like I'm alone or without mental health treatment.


So should I get a therapist because I'm still crazy and struggle to cope at time, or should I keep my energy to focusing on my studies and my future?



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Re: should i get a therapist

@redhead that Meme is awesome haha.


So awesome you're feeling liberated by supporting yourself. Do you feel like you have fairly good strategies for if you do slip back into stormy thoughts? It sounds like you're going through a super growth phase Smiley Happy Best feeling ever.


Have you considered having a therapist you see perhaps once a fortnight or once a month? Just to touch in occasionally but still allow yourself time to keep learning about yourself on your own?

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Re: should i get a therapist

Hi @redhead


While it is hard to know what is right, I think that if it feels right, well then maybe it is not needed. 

But as you said you have been struggling to cope, which re-engaging with a new therapist would help with and allow you to develop strategies to cope. 


My therapist has been super helpful with giving me adequate coping skills and we then dropped down to monthly check-in appointments, to see how I am doing and whether or not I need more help with things. 


It is a personal decision, at the end of the day it depends on what you want to do. Have you talked to your case manager about whether or not they believe you should be seeing a therapist? 




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Re: should i get a therapist

hey @redhead 

it sounds like your feeling more refreshed without having a therpist, id say go with your gut feeling and if you feel like its not needed right now maybe wait until you feel your ready to go back...

but you also said you struggle to cope sometimes so maybe you could get a therapist but not go weekly maybe you could make it a monthly thing or something so your dont feel overcrowded and still beiing able to discover yourself and focus on your studies while still get advice, support, guidance and coping mechanisms from a professional..

what are your thoughts?

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