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Anxiety App Help?

So I'm back in therapy (yay!) and as is fairly common for my anxiety I'm getting recommended another phone app for meditation along side other stuff.

I'd be alright with using one, as I HAVE tried the one my new therapist is pushing - except it has a subscription after 10 days. $20 a month, without factoring in currency conversion? No way!


I'm wondering if anyone knows similar meditation apps to "Headspace"?

I've got Smiling Mind, that's the last suggestion I got from my Year 12 therapist.. but I don't really like the instructor's accent.

I've tried: Calm, Pacifica, Stop Breathe & Think and Timeless... 


Helppp Smiley Sad I really don't want to spend money on this, especially not the cost Headspace has for just a MONTH...

but I also really can't get into using apps like this for my mental health when the voice puts me off straight away Smiley Sad

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Re: Anxiety App Help?

@blazingstar First, well done for going to the effort going back to therapy! As far as other apps, the only ones I know are the ones you have already tried BUT I'm sure others on here will have more ideas for specific apps! What I would suggest is maybe try having a silent alarm on your device as a reminder to BE present. So you just take a few seconds to be aware of your surrounding and take a few conscious breaths.  The reason this is important is because the mini recharge moments kind of work to train your brain to not be in the fight or flight anxiety and the more we practice, the easier it gets! 


BTW I really get it about the voice thing. I need to have a good voice or it's a bit distracting right? Otherwise good 'ol YouTube has an abundance of FREE guided meditations where you get to chose the best suited to you. That's actually what I do. Again, well done for taking charge of your wellbeing!!

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Re: Anxiety App Help?

@blazingstar Welcome! I know ReachOut has it's own app called ReachOut Breathe. There's also ReachOut WorryTime if you're interested i that as well.
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Re: Anxiety App Help?

Hi @blazingstar, I can't think of any other Apps off the top of my head, but I just looked up a couple and Free Relaxing Sounds of Nature and Anxiety Free are two free ones that might be helpful.

I totally get what you mean about accents being off-putting. I find the same with audiobooks!


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Re: Anxiety App Help?

have you tried 1 GIANT MIND- thats  a meditations app


and also SMILING MIND- a mindfullness app @blazingstar

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