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I need someone to talk to. I feel so lonely.

I was prescribed antidepressants almost a year ago, I was responding to them for a couple of months and my depression was uplifting. I was in therapy for a couple of months too. I also have social anxiety and mild asperger. I've been lonely for several of years. 


After taking antidepressants for a few months I started started rapid cycling. My depressive phases worsensed. Now the psychiatrist thinks I'm bipolar. I just started taking mood stabiliser, its a little early to comment on its effects, but I've noticed a slight changes in my depression states. I'm still sleeping for long periods of time, and feel unmotivated to do anything productive. 


When I'm euphoric, I feel very active. I can get through the day with little sleep. I try to message my friends through the net. Sometimes I feel edgy, because I don't always have someone to talk to. Thoughts race in my mind, it is overwhelming. 


Sometimes I just want someone to talk to. I don't really know who. I barely have any friends here, my friends live overseas, and they are busy with their lives. I just want someone to understand, hear me. I don't know where I'm going to find that. Maybe it will be a little easier when I university commences. 

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Re: I need someone to talk to. I feel so lonely.

Hi there. I can understand the frustration and dispair you are going through. I also am on anti-depressants and whilst they can help, they are not a long term solution. Talk to your doctor about your syptoms. Sometimes (like me) you have to try a few to find the one that works best for you. Remember that they too, have side effects that can create other issues particularly physical ones. Not sleeping, sleeping too much is one eg. You need to seek inner challenges within yourself to find out why your despressed. Friends are vital for everyone as they provide support, interaction and purpose in life. Remember though you are your own person, and, it's upto you to develop the strength to make positive outcomes in your life and whats missing from it. Have you tried joining and participating in something that interests you? For eg, fitness class, or something creative, like cooking classes or photography etc. Being involved in a group purpose environment is helpful in making new friends and developing confidence. Best wishes. Remember, there is much you can do, be positive and kind to yourself. Positive thoughts bring positive results!

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Re: I need someone to talk to. I feel so lonely.

Thank you for the help, Rookie.

I recently went to the doctor informed him my symptoms were worsening. My medication has been adjusted. If life has been difficult for a long time it can be frustrating. Sometimes it's hard to be patient. It takes time for an individual to recover.

Sleeping too much and too little are related to my mood swings. Antidepressants can push some people too high, into hypomania or mania. In this case sometimes I find myself in hypomania. Mood stabilisers seem to be more effective with depression.

In the meanwhile I can look around and join an activity. While it may be for a month or so. It may ease loneliness. I'm planning to move into university. I was an off campus student for my first year. It was an isolating and lonely experience. My long term loneliness may play a part in my depression.
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Re: I need someone to talk to. I feel so lonely.

Hi @Creativegirl12 … it sounds like you're going through quite a lot. I just wanted to reiterate @Friday 's point that, if your medications are making you feel a bit out of control, you should see your doctor as soon as possible so that they can prescribe something more suitable.

Better to be safe than sorry.


Also just wanted to say that was a great reply you posted over on that other thread. I hope you can stick around and help out like that more! Smiley Happy

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Re: I need someone to talk to. I feel so lonely.

Hey @Creativegirl12 


Everyone has already said some awesome stuff to support you through this Smiley Happy But I just wanted you to know that here you will be listened to and supported through all that you are going through and you sound so strong. You are going through so much and yet you are doing all you can to better yourself and that is amazing. 


Going to uni I think will definitely make a difference I hope and have you thought about volunteering as well just to go out there and do something you enjoy. I have a few factsheets I think might be helpful for you in your journey. This is a good factsheet on building better coping skills and I think it is good to have in your toolkit just in case you need it. Here is another factsheet on making friends and building self-confidence which might also help you through this. 


Let us know how you go 


Take care Smiley Happy

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Re: I need someone to talk to. I feel so lonely.

Hey @Creativegirl12 

Thanks for sharing your story with us on RO! I hope the very helpful advice given benefits you and you feel a sense of relieve. Any time you want to just chat or talk to someone know that RO always is here for you. As a uni student myself I definitely believe that when you start uni you gain many new friendships and you keep yourself very busy so hopefully you're worries wont be on your mind as often. 


Have you tried doing something for yourself? Something you enjoy and that you know puts a smile on your face and is relaxing? 


Hope to hear from you soon  


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Re: I need someone to talk to. I feel so lonely.

Thanks for all the advice. It really means a lot to me. I will definitely keep track of my symptoms, and see the doctor when needed.

Commencing university should help. It would be good to have a more regular schedule too. I do hope, my symptoms would be milder by them, so I can cope with the load. I'm being a little careful with the number of units I take too, instead of four, I decided to take three.

I will definitely consider volunteering. Sometimes I write and draw/paint. Playing the piano is pretty relaxing too. I haven't had lessons for some time. I hope to continue.
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Re: I need someone to talk to. I feel so lonely.

hi . 

try joining an asd support group that lets you meet other asd people and make friends.


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Re: I need someone to talk to. I feel so lonely.

I'm looking for someone to talk to, as well. Not just about problems, although obviously I am here for those if I am needed, and I will want to talk about my own as well. But happy things would be great too, just anything about life and the day-to-day experiences we're going through. I moved to Arizona a couple of years ago, and the only people I get to hang out with on a consistent basis are my boyfriend, my mom and her boyfriend, and a girl who lives in my apartment complex. My boyfriend recently moved about an hour away, so I hardly see him. The girl (Tyra) is only 16, and can be very immature and self-absorbed. Don't get me wrong, I love her, but her company is not intellectually stimulating and I can't really open up to her. Sometimes being with her makes me feel even more lonely than being by myself. I go to online high school and don't work at the moment, so I have no opportunity to meet people. I often find myself starting to cry when I'm alone, because I have all of these emotions stuffed up inside of me and no one to talk it out with. I'm tired of being alone and feeling so isolated and ignored. Even with my mom and her friends here, I can hardly get a word in edgewise and I often feel completely overlooked. I don't think I can take being alone anymore, it's maddening and depressing and it's getting harder and harder to handle.

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Re: I need someone to talk to. I feel so lonely.

Hi. I am totally new to this. I just searched "someone to talk to" and this website came up. I have some stuff going on in my life and I just felt like talking to someone anonymous, so here I am. I am not sure what is happening with you, but I get the loneliness thing. My situation is totally different to yours but maybe we can help each other out. Like I said, I don't know how this works but drop me a line if you want to "talk" - it's online so I don't know the right verb. Cheers.

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