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Re: I need someone to talk to. I feel so lonely.

Hey @Cherry90,

Welcome to ReachOut. I'm glad you found us here. Smiley Happy

Loneliness sucks. You mentioned that you've always been a bit of a loner. Was there anyone you used to talk to when you felt down or lonely - like one of your siblings, or a friend?

There are some great facts and tips about facing loneliness in this factsheet: I feel so alone.

If you're feeling like you don't have anyone to reach out to, know that you can always chat here on ReachOut. You can head over and introduce yourself, or if you feel like you need a distraction, we have lots of games to play.

I'd also recommend calling Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800 (who help people up to the age of 25) or Lifeline on 13 11 14. They also do webchat if you don't want to talk on the phone.

Hope you're feeling better soon  - please keep us updated.



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Re: I need someone to talk to. I feel so lonely.

Hi everyone, I am a new memberSmiley Indifferent

Firstly, haha sorry if my grammar is not really good. Because my English is not really good

Thanks for sharing your story. This forum is really helpful. If you don't have someone to talk to , you can share your story in this web. We will understand and try to help you.


I also often feel lonely. I am really quiet in the past and I think I have social anxiety disorder. I was angry to myself and this world.

I feel this world is so unfair. I ask to myself " What's wrong with me? Why is it so difficult to have some friends ?

Why are they leave me alone? Am I really bad? Why bad people who I think worse than me can have a lot of friends? Why are they don't care about me?"

All of that negative thoughts influence my life. It makes me hide from the socialization. I also less confidence because of myy family background. Actually, I don't really like my family but I really love them. So, I am afraid if I reveal my true self , people will don't like me and talk bad behind me. I think my family is the best thing that I have in my life, they understand and make me free to express myself.


This loneliness makes me crazy . I am searching and asking myself what cause me become a loner .

I remember that when I was in elementary school I have one best friend.Several years later, there's an event (I realize that is my fault) which cause me don't like her. She got new friends who are better than me and then left me. It hurt me


Since that moment, I don't trust people easily. I talk only a bit with people. I became a really unsociable person. I don't believe in best friend. I think most people look at  you  for what you have , not who you really are. Then, in high school, I am trying to change my life. I tried to talk more often , be more confidence, threw away my negative thoughts. It is difficult even if until now. I still have some things to worry about that prevent me. Fortunately, I met friends in high school who are really nice, they help me and make me feel worthy. I have someone to talk to and they always make me happy .


The biggest fear in my life is the fear of rejection. I wish all people who are feel lonely and need someone to talk to try become more open. If you don't have some friends to talk to , you can share your problems with your family or counsellor. Don't be shy. Never give up even if it is difficult. The more you fail, the more experience you get.


Always be cheerful and grateful. As long as you are alive, you can be happy. Smiley Very Happy  





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Re: I need someone to talk to. I feel so lonely.

Welcome @Xeroxpie - thanks for sharing! You should head on over and introduce yourself on out Hanging Out board Smiley Happy

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Re: I need someone to talk to. I feel so lonely.

Hy Novelgirl


I came across this forum while surfing google "need someone to talk to". I read this forum and related to your problem best. I understand your problem and would be glad to talk and listen. Sometimes, all we need is someone who would listen, someone would give a different perspective or rather say what we want to hear.

I am a writer by passion and student by profession. I too am in a relationship. Everything is great but sometimes we need a different perspective than what they re going to say. It does not mean that we dont like/love them like with your teenage friend.


I have recently experienced a decrease in my self confidence and hence, think of myself as unheard like with you and your mom.


They are always there for us but sometimes we NEED to hear what we want to hear. I love harry potter books because they contain the best philosophy of life. When Sirius dies, harry had his friends to support him but he found solace in Luna's words because she too had lost someone. He lost Sirius. She lost her mother. It was because they had suferred the same thing.

And that is why we need someone to share who knows what we are talking about, ccan understand the depth of it.


Like fault in our stars, both were dying. both shared the common thread.

I hope you would like to talk as I am in desperate need to share and recieve to save myself from major depression before its too late.

I like watching pole star and the moon together Smiley Happy

Wanna be positivist

Pole star

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Re: I need someone to talk to. I feel so lonely.

Welcome to ReachOut, @polestar! You totally nailed it - support from others who have been where you are is what we're all about here. Hope you stick around and keep sharing. You can introduce yourself and meet some of the others in the Hanging Out section if you like.



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Re: I need someone to talk to. I feel so lonely.



I'm just here to tell you that.. Well.. I'm here. to talk about bad or sad stuff, but defiantly also about the stuff that makes it all worth living for. I live far, far away from you. actually in a whole different country. Denmark. So you'll probably never meet me, or see me. Witch once again, maybe makes it easier to talk to me? Anyway... I could really need someone to talk to as well, to make my day better and I'm pretty sure I can make you smile. Just a little bit Smiley Wink so please, my dear friend. Talk to me!! 

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Re: I need someone to talk to. I feel so lonely.



i can completely relate to you. like you, I just googled "someone to talk to" and this side came up. soo.. if you're looking for someone to talk to, I'm a pretty cool person, and I'll do my best to make YOUR day better!! (and mine as well) so please, don't be shy my friend! 




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Re: I need someone to talk to. I feel so lonely.

Hey Creative Girl, I've got bipolar 1 with psychotic features its hard, I'm glad to hear you have a good support network.

Keep up social and family ties they are so important, you will be ok as long as you have people to help you when you fall / stumble. All the best and I hope you never have to face situations like i have.

Lots of love
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Re: I need someone to talk to. I feel so lonely.

Hello there i am Raymond.i to need some one to talk ever not sure where to start.i talk to myself a lot just setting drinking my coffee,and crying.and i dont know why i cry.when i was younger i had things go wrong,how ever never thought any thing of it and went a long the day.but then i got older much older things happen had heart pain.then it just kept i dont work,or do any of the things i use to do.10 yrs of not working and meeting pople,makes it lover thinks i dont love him any more.not sure whats going would be nice to have someone around here where i live,just to get out and talk.i got a lot to say in am just not that good writing it down sorry if you know any one fron the dallas tx.Destoto love to talk.Raymond

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Re: I need someone to talk to. I feel so lonely.

Hey @letstalk - it's wonderful you are reaching out now to find people to talk to... While ReachOut here is a site for Australian 14 -25 year olds, I can hopefully point you in the right direction towards finding a better place to find peers for you to talk to.
Here are some options
Healthy Place Forums:

Psych Central Forums

Mental Health Forum

You could also try BlahTherapy or 7CupsOfTea - which puts you in touch with a stranger that wants to listen one-on-one or they also have a community

All the best!!!

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