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I think I need to go back on anti depressants

This would be my third time going back on, and I'm 22 years old. Life just keeps getting more shitty and I'm struggling to deal with it. I've recently started tearing up when I think about it, and I got into a fight with my friends, the main people I vent to, about it. Basically me taking my stress out on them, I didn't realize how bad it had gotten. That and it's straining an already very thin relationship with my mother. I got off antidepressants because I was afraid of dependency, but it's starting to seem like a small dependency on some generic antidepressants is worth not being absolutely @#$&ing miserable all the time. It's getting to the point we're I can't find the enthusiasm to work, and I have a great job, that pays hourly.

I guess I'm just looking for some advice and insight.
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Re: I think I need to go back on anti depressants

Hey @MrJaunty welcome to RO Smiley Happy


Sucks to hear you're feeling so crap right now Smiley Sad I can relate to the worries you have about medication - I'm 20 and feel like I'll be on antidepressants forever. But then I tell myself that I wouldn't begrudge a diabetic for being dependent on insulin, so I shouldn't criticise myself for being dependent on antidepressants.


Have you spoken to a doctor about what's going on? They can offer some insight into your specific situation and might be able to suggest some alternative treatment options.

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Re: I think I need to go back on anti depressants

Welcome to RO @MrJaunty!


I hear you. I'm 23 and sometimes I get frustrated at having to take anti-depressants every day. And I imagine that would have been made so much more difficult by the tension with your friends and the relationship with your mother. Do you think you could work something out with your friends where you're still confiding in them but they don't feel as overwhelmed?

Maybe you could make regular appointments to see a counsellor/mental health professional?


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Re: I think I need to go back on anti depressants

I am 22, female. Thought of going back on antidepressants two weeks ago, but I decided not to in the end. Because I just stopped in 2016 and I enjoy my meds free life. And I see my current situation as temporary so that lifts some pressure off my shoulders. Have you thought of getting into psychotherapy/therapy? I have been seeing my psychologist for 1.5 years and it has been helpful for my PTSD, complicated grief and sometimes my depression too

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