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Late night worries

I spend a lot of time looking at patterns, it's like the main thing i have to do as a coordinator type person. What i've noticed is that around 9:30pm, things start getting tough for a few of us. For a lot of us we go from doing okay to feeling like everything is just too much! 


So I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed this?


Are there patterns to our tough times, what are they?


If we can see them coming, can we make them less tough?



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Re: Late night worries

Yes! @Ben-RO So true!


I don't know about anyone else but I know that night time can bring some increased anxiety for me, so if I'm going through a tough time and dealing with it pretty independently, that's cool, but then I got anxious about everything pretty much, my mind sort of runs and I think about everything possible and get myself worked up over it, so then I have the big issue I was doing ok + now all these anxious and possibly even angry thoughts, making it now longer as easy to deal with. Am I making sense?

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Re: Late night worries

I've noticed this too.
For me nights are worse because I'm not busy and start to think about stuff I've been putting of for the day. I've seen others notice that nights are worse for them too. Similar for weekends. Also after hours there's less access to our supports.
Knowing that at a specific time or event things are likely to overwhelm or distress us we can put strategies in place to deal with it. Eg, if I set a specific schedule in the evening I'm less likely to think too much because I'm busy. Another eg that I'm working on is that I want to put a time in place every day where I feel my emotions so they don't overwhelm me and I stop being so scared and controlled by my emotions
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Re: Late night worries

Okay so there is a pattern!


The great thing about patterns is we can predict the future with them (just a little bit). It's much easier to stop something happening before it's even started.


Have you folks ever tried distraction/ coping/ soothing stuff before the need for it has even started?


Could we help each other have a go at that for like... a couple of weeks?

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Re: Late night worries

yes  @Ben-RO


i am the same, mine starts to hhappena t around 8 30 when it starts to get less busy, and its quite. its like al my thoughts cant get in quick enough, completely overflooding my mind.


ive recntly started  coming on the forums about 8ish and see if i can help someone out or just join in one of the chit chat threads to keep me occupied until i take my sleeping tablets. ive also taken a liking to art so i sue that to my advantage. sometimes ill flick through the internet and see if i get inspired for my next drawing or if i find a flower or something ill save it and attmept to draw it the next time i feel like i need to

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