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Please Guide Me

I got pissed off easily. All i want is some quiet time that my own best friend does not understand. even if I demand some, she'll somehow make me feel like i don't care about her. no matter how many times I tried to make her understand so that she can understand my situation, she will never fully accept that and blame me instead. may be I am weird and don't pay attention sometimes but it's all because my mind is a chaos right now and i don't have the patience to deal with the sarcasm all day she throws my way. God, i wanted to be free but then I'll be breaking both of our hearts. But it's getting so suffocated. It's like I can't breathe nor i can feel happiness. I am stuck in a place where no matter what i do I wont be happy unless I do something to change it. I desperately want something different in my life as soon as I can. Otherwise I'll go crazy. I feel like I am in a verge of getting seriously depressed and then there will be no turning point. Someone help me. i am not happy with my life. I cannot make my parents happy. I am not satisfied with my job. My future is completely blurred and i feel like I am lost in every sector of my life. Once I used to be own critic to achieve and do something better but now all is lost. I cry all the time and I don't have anybody to understand me. No matter what I do, I just can't uplift myself. I feel like shouting for HELP. I don't want to lose so easily. I still haven't think of quitting yet but I am so afraid that, that day is not so far.

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Re: Please Guide Me

@rose123, you sound really overwhelmed with things, are you ok? I'm wondering if your safe?

Sometimes it can help to talk to someone so you don't feel you are alone, have you got other people you can talk to?


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