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Re: Feeling like i do everything wrong

Hi @j95,


I feel you. Recently I got told I am not doing enough in my job and I am constantly being pulled up on things I have done wrong and things have happened that were partially my fault so I have been blaming myself for it all. 


It's hard for me to see the point of life when I keep making mistakes over and over again, but I have been told that that is normal and every mistake is a learning lesson. My problem is I feel like I shouldn't make the mistake in the first place, so there must be something wrong with me. But my mistakes often come down to a lack of knowledge or experience, so it is understandable as to why I may make mistakes, especially if I am not getting support for something.


Are there things you feel you might need support in? Things you may need to learn how to do? Find out what is causing you to make these mistakes. That may help you to begin finding solutions and help you better understand why these mistakes are happening.


People say it to me and I'll say it to you. No one is perfect, and whether you think you can or can't, you're right. The difference is you. Smiley Happy



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