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The ups and downs of recovery and wellbeing.

Hey @j95so i was kind of looking at the other thread that started about eHeadspace and also that things have changed a bit in that conversation to more about recovery, bad days, good days and the tangle of feelings and where they come from that you're working through at the moment.


So i thought i'd make a new thread to keep the conversation going, but also to not remind you of your frustrations with eheadspace every time you open the thread.


So the definition from one of the pages i linked you to was this:


Recovery can be described as a process of change through which people improve their health and wellness, live a self directed life, and strive to reach their full potential


Recovery is about the journey. so it's like... not so much about the destination, but how you get there.


But it's still good to know where you're heading.



I thought maybe we could get the conversation going with thinking about what your definition of recovery is. You could also break the definition up into bits and think about your recovery destination in terms of what health, what wellness, what a self directed life etc look like.






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Re: The ups and downs of recovery and wellbeing.

Hey thanks for doing this @Ben-RO I actually just saw my psych this morning, and we did talk a little about this and I was saying that to me recovery isn't never having bad days and always being good, it's being able to bounce back from those bad days and have more control over my emotions etc, if that makes sense. Being able to recognise things that make me feel good and turn to them, like being able to prevent a bad thing from happening rather than trying to fix it at breaking point, but then if I can't prevent it and does get really bad, I can bounce back from it. Again, not sure if I'm making a whole lot of sense.
Also I spoke to her about these issues with eheadspace and she offered to speak to them on my behalf, I decided that the longer this goes on, the more pain and frustration it's going to cause me so I decided to just leave it. Letting this continue is not helping me at all.
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Re: The ups and downs of recovery and wellbeing.

I really like your take on recovery @j95 and I think it's something that really rings true for me, especially recently. 


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