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Re: Those little tasks...

I totally feel this - asking/answering questions in class is my kryptonite. Also talking on the phone. Kind of any social situation now that I think about it Smiley Tongue The 20 seconds of courage method usually works for me, although sometimes I really struggle and that's not really enough.

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Re: Those little tasks...

How did you go on Tuesday @j95?


I really empathise with phone-related anxiety and something that helps me is thinking about other times I've talked on the phone and it has been manageable. The script thing would be really helpful too!


My freedom is an agreement with myself. It's an acceptance and love for who I am that isn't dependent on performance or the will of other people - Renee Yohe
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Re: Those little tasks...

@letitgo I booked the appointment yesterday for Monday and I'm super scared
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Re: Those little tasks...

Good on you for making the appointment, @j95. :-) What do you think you're most scared about happening?

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