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What helps you when things are tough?

When things start to get really tough or just harder than usual what do you find helps you to cope?
And what so find you like to do when your feeling ok to keep you in a better mood ?
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Re: What helps you when things are tough?

For me, I just do whatever it is I'm doing. It is hard, especially when I'm feeling particularly stressed/whatever.
What helps me do this is that whatever it that I'm doing (usually working or at uni or ju jitsu, anything) is necessary. I HAVE to keep doing it, it's not something I can just take a break from. (at uni and maybe even ju jitsu, I can take a break, but nerves prevent me from doing that, so I don't)
If it's something that I can escape from, I do and just stop doing it. I suppose I try to do something else, watch cartoons, flick through fanart on my phone, something else, something menial, to just put the brakes on in my head and let it flow away (because I'll forget it all later)

Another coping strategy that I use is to breathe. Not exactly deep breathing, but just breathing. Counting my in breaths and exhales. Focusing only on my breathing.

Do you have any strategies @Bellababe?
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Re: What helps you when things are tough?

@Bellababe When things get tough, I find that music is an incredible way to de-stress. You've just gotta find the right music that suits you and helps you personally.


To keep things going, I like to write down a journal entry of what I achieved during that day. Helps you be more productive and helps keep your awareness of how much you're doing. It's like riding the wave of positivity Smiley Happy


Like @N1ghtW1ng, we'd love to hear how you manage it! Perhaps it could help us too!

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