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confused help to push

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Hello everyone,

I hope someone can push me a little. First I apologize for my English. This is  gonna be my honest I. I am a Danish girl aged 25, who need inspiration about life, myself and other people. 

I need a little push to brand myself. I have a lot of dreams, but before it can be done, I feel that i miss knowledge and experience. I need to strengthen myself in every way, and I have a problem with my English which I very much want to work on.
My big dream is to open a hostel in Denmark, it's not because I've have a been backbacker or traveled around the whole world. because i dont. I've worked on my idea in about 3 years, and my dream is to create hostel, but make it a social place for vulnerable citizens in Denmark who are not able to and be in the working market. This will be short story of my idea, because otherwhise I can write a novel. Feel free to ask if there were any questions.


I have like good and bad days like everyone else, but I think too much and is always incredibly worried about everything. so much that I sometimes, not gonna be able to be my own body. I have previously made use of psychotherapy.
It is time that I used myself, and find the way to be independence, by others. especially my boyfriend. I have a little anxiety, a problem that has never taken hold of.
This may come to sound as if I am not able be a normal girl, but I live a quite normal life in a like collective with 3 boys. I have just a facade, and a problem with myself, and I will have to do something with it. 

I have chosen to take 3-4 weeks of vacation from April 10. And right now I'm completely from scratch, I think something off course to improve my english, and somthine like - travel and work? or something about a healthy lifestyle and inner calm, meet new friends and acquaintances and strengthen myself. I am very active, social and love sports girl. I doing right now regular strength training
but thought it would be fun to do someting like yoga mindfulness parkour or something else interesting?


I need a big push to do something new, maybe you can help me. Do you have any good idea for a push, or do you have any experience you want to pass with me? 


Let me know if this post are to understandble, i hope to hear from somebody. 

Best Regards

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Re: confused help to push

Hey @Rullen99,
Your english is quite good! Just so you know, ReachOut is an Australian youth community and we are unable to provide support for people outside of Australia. I have found some information on English as a Second Language classes that are avaliable in Denmark which you can find here. I have also found some information on mental health support services avaliable in Denmark which you can find here. You can also call +45 70 201 201 if you are feeling in crisis.

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