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Re: [Chat] Cures for Loneliness

Hey @Marcus29, thanks for posting on Reachout!


I'm sorry to hear you're having a rough time and are feeling lonely. I'm worried that because you have posted this in this thread which is a live chat, that not many people would have seen your post. We'd really like to help you and make sure you get the support that you need.


Would you consider re-posting this in another thread? or I can move it for you if you like?


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Re: [Chat] Cures for Loneliness

Can you please move it - I don't know what category this falls under - When i see tough times it not that tough but it sometimes is really hard
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Re: [Chat] Cures for Loneliness

I feel  very bad to hear.  It’s very tough time to you .You can overcome this situation to busy something that make feel you happy.

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