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Re: Following through on our resolutions

Thanks everyone, I really enjoyed reading over all your responses!! 


@stonepixie I sort of agree with you that new years resolutions are a bit nonsensical, mostly because I suck at sticking to them so it feels a bit pointless. But I think people like the idea that the new year is a fresh start, and an opportunity to let got of the previous year, and any bad habits/stuff that happened that year. The thing is though, going from the 31st of Dec to the 1st of Jan is literally just a new day, so really EVERY DAY can actually be this fresh start or clean start that people think they need in order to make a change, and let go of things that happened in the the past, even the previous day… 


My cousin recently introduced me to the concept of setting daily intentions. They relate to the SMART goals @Ben-RO mentioned, as the intentions are meaningful but they differ in that they focus on who you are or want to be in the moment, as opposed to goals which are often future focused. Setting intentions can help to fuel your ability to achieve goals by raising your motivation and awareness, which can help transision new effortful behavioural changes into more automatic habits over time!!


I'm just starting to encorporate this into my life and keep forgetting to set intentions lol like any new behaviour I know it will take some time before I'm automatically setting intentions all throughout the day.. But I'm enjoying paying attention to what I want to get out of each day rather than sort of absent mindedly floating through the day, which is how I usually role Smiley Tongue


@May_I really loved your resolution about getting rid of items that don’t make you happy or serve a purpose! I will definitely be checking out this minimalism documentary you mentioned Smiley Wink


@loves netball you make an excellent point - that once you remove sometihing i.e. eating tim tams that you actually reach a point where you no longer need/want them anymore!


OMG @RevzZ so relatable hahahha I’ve lost count of the number of all nighters I’ve pulled and every time I’m like NEVER AGAIN!! Yet somehow, a couple of weeks later, its 2am and my essay is due in 10 hours and I’m like WHHHYYYYYY?!?!?! HOW AM I DOING THIS AGAIN!??!?


@May_@loves netballthe back of the toilet door is also another good place to stick your resolutions/strengths lists so you see them everyday! Conveniently it includes a comfortable seat perfect for pondering life/goals/strengths Smiley Wink


















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