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Re: Technology affecting mental health

Thats alright, you don't have to @loves netball
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Re: Technology affecting mental health

I had quick scroll and I thought I better out the real reason behind standing desks Smiley Tongue


Stand up desks are usually adustable to change to use a chair or a get a higher chair. They designed for people who spend 8 hours plus in front of a computer. Sitting down all day results in bad posture, tight hips flexors, rounded shoulders, and also encourage obesity because you expend less energy sitting down.


I think there is peer pressure when it comes to technology - who has Apple Mac vs who doesn't. Who has the latest model phone vs who doesn't. Who has the most friends of facebook, followers on other forms of social media.


I never had a phone till I was 17 and was bullied for not having one and facebook, but also bullied on the good old MSN. Both I wish I kind of didn't have.

Sometimes I wish technology should be removed so people learn the simple things like how to write with a pen, how to do simple addition and subtraction without a calculator.

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