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Re: Favourite Disney Movie

Tangled is my absolute favourite Disney movie! Its definitely underrated and the songs are the best! I also love Hercules, Alice in Wonderland and the Emperors New Groove

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Re: Favourite Disney Movie

Welcome to RO @mousecatcher Smiley Very Happy is sleeping beauty worth a watch? (I'm assuming you mean the one that's out at the moment)

@GG-DD Alice in Wonderland is such a great story :')

I think my recent favourites are Zootopia and Inside Out. My favourite as a kid was A Bug's Life.
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Re: Favourite Disney Movie

Oh I meant the 1959 film Smiley Happy the one that is out is Beauty and the Beast but I haven't watched that
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Re: Favourite Disney Movie

My username probably gives it away but Frozen is by far my favourite!!

Followed by Pocahontas. They both have such beautiful messages. Oh, and The Lion King also known as Hamlet in Disney form Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Favourite Disney Movie



Check out my list! Smiley Very Happy The numbers are at random, although I did try to randomise the colours a bit Smiley Tongue The numbers are so I can do a number randomiser and choose a movie to watch Smiley Very Happy

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