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Re: HEY :) Get to know each other

Hi @scared01!


You sound like a lovely person! I am not working in the medical field but I am studying in allied health (psychology) so maybe we can be health buddies? haha


It's also cool that you like horses--I don't think I've interacted with horses before but I know they're very big and like apples (?) What are your horses like? Are they all friends? What do you train them to do?


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Re: HEY :) Get to know each other

hey @DirtWitch


we can buddies either way Smiley Happy


not all horses are big lol but they do like apples and carrots and bread oh and sugar cubes and licorice too!.

all 4 of my horses have different personalitites such like people.

So one is a pony which is my youngests sisters horse- hes very social and loves being around humans, he reminds me of a puppy who likes to annoy you and follow you around. his names stanley


then we have tinkerbell- shes in retirement now but she taught my middle sister how to ride. shes really funny to watch, she reminds me of a grumpy old lady lol


my sister has a new horse to ride now since tinkerbell (tink for short) is in retirement and her names nova. shes really friendly and caring (hard to explain ) but shes so great!


and then theres mums horse that i am training and her names bella. she super super naughty with very naughty habits like biting!. shes extremely stubborn and cheeky.


we do all sorts of things like trail riding, going to the beaches, jumping and cross country and the events you often see on tv where they look pretty Smiley Happy

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