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So @roseisnotaplant's post in Three Positives of Today totally got me thinking about the delicious cheesy goodness that is PIZZA! For all you fellow pizza lovers out there, I'm curious to know:


What're your favourite toppings? Do you like your crust super thick or thin and crispy? Have you ever tried making your own or do you prefer to just get takeaway? Aaaand, is there such a thing as too much cheese on pizza? (Hint: the answer is no Smiley Tongue)























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Re: Pizza!

I love Pizza, it is the best thing to happen to cheese, sauce and dough. But unfortuanately two years ago I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease which means my yummy gluten eating days were gone. I can not buy any pizza from a pizza store even if they claim it is gluten free due to cross contaimination, as a single crumb could send me to the hospital.

So I make delicious gluten free homemade dough from greek yoghurt and flour and generally only have one or two toppings such as mushroom, onion or capsicum. I like a simple pizza. I love a good deep pan or thin crust pizza but now that my options are a lot more limited I am just happy to have pizza.

And no, there is no such thing as too much cheese. Just pile it on top like a volcano to avoid a big cheesy mess.

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Re: Pizza!

Oh boy, PIZZA Smiley Tongue


Pizza is great. Firstly no, you can't have too much cheese. It's the only thing in the world that is actually physically impossible.


I'm a thin crust person I think?


Also potatoes are great on pizza with out sauce and with a bunch of herbs, which sounds weird but is actually the best.

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Re: Pizza!

I love garlic pizzas that just has garlic paste, mixed herbs and some cheese on top. I mostly make them from home too!
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Re: Pizza!

Oh no, I'm so hungry now....


My FAVOURITE pizza ever is Crust's Peri Peri chicken pizza. Its so good, with capsicum, chicken, caramelised onions, peri peri sauce. Some other stuff too probably. I'm drooling so much thinking about it. Regular pizza hut has been ruined by Crust for me.


I've made pizza before and i actually kinda like ~australian ~ pizza with egg, pineapple, ham, cheese, stuff like that. Cheese is a must!!! Speaking of, has anyone seen deep dish/chicago style pizza before? 



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Re: Pizza!

That's ridiculously large! I like thin crust with Hawaiian.
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Re: Pizza!

@FootyFan26 Yes Hawaiian is the best! 


Speaking of which, I know pineapple on pizza is a controversial topic to some people. Are you guys pro or anti pineapple as pizza topping? Smiley Tongue 

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Re: Pizza!

100% pro pineapple
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Re: Pizza!

I couldn't fathom it until I tried it. Now I'm pro-pineapple. I've also come to be pro-sultanas (weirdddd I know).

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Re: Pizza!

Honestly you guys.... it's no-pineapple not pro-pineapple Smiley Tongue Then again, I don't like pineapple AT ALL, so pizza isn't going to change that.
On a sadder note, I missed out on pizza tonight because I'm an awkward mcmuffin. Basically, I rang home to get my wallet (because I never have it on me Smiley Tongue) and instead of buying a pizza, I panicked and got cheesy garlic bread (still delicious) instead because I'd hoped it would take less time. My dad ended up requesting a pizza as well, so basically I missed out on pizza. Smiley Sad BUT next time, I WILL get my pizza! Or maybe never again... Ah, anxiety Smiley Tongue
(My dad got a hawaiian pizza, so unfortunately I couldn't steal any Smiley Sad)
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