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Anxiety about myself

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Hi everybody


I wasn't a great student and i got into this great uni(ranked within 50 in QS).

But i am not an English -speaker and i got really nervous.

I got a panic attack and i failed to hand in one assignment worthing 25%.

So i might fail. and i might need to hand in 4800 dollars to take the course again.

My family is nowhere near rich, and i am so afraid to tell them.

But even that, i still waste my life every day and live in fear of failing every course and get kicked straight out in the first semester.


I hate myself, I am a mess.


How can i get out of this?

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Re: Anxiety about myself

Hey @Mitty welcome to ReachOut, well done on opening up and sharing this thread with the community.


Most University's have a Uni Counsellor that you can access completely for free. I would definitely recommend this as a first base for getting some advice around failing your unit. The counsellor may even be able to help you find out if you can re-submit or get an extension. They'll also be able to support you around how to communicate all of this to your family.


Another good option is KHL, they have fully qualified counsellors for free, you can even have a webchat with them by clicking here.


Quick heads up I edited your name out of the post, RO is an anonymous forum - you can check out more in our guidelines here Smiley Happy

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Re: Anxiety about myself

thank you so much for your advice, i will try it out.
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Re: Anxiety about myself

Hey Mitty,

Have you spoken to your lecturer, or whoever is in charge of this unit/class if they're not the lecturer?
If you're having troubles handing in assignments it's always worth sending them an email or going to see them.

If the due date has also only just happened, do you know if you're able to hand it in late? Often you're able to hand things in late with a penalty (such as 5% or 10% of marks deducted each day).

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