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Don't know what I should do with my life atm...

Hey guys!
I am actually not australian but I found this forum on google and still signed in for it. But here goes my story:

I finished High School in Germany in 2014 (yes I am german) and back then did not know what to do with my life and which path to choose. So I decided to have a gap year on a working holiday visa in Australia. I thought that Maybe being away for a year might help me to find out what I wanna do with my life.
After that year i came home to Germany I was still clueless how to continue, the only thing I knew was i Wanted to go back to Australia and so I did for another year (I really do love that country!).
Now i am back home since one year and currently signed in for Uni but not really going anymore because I do not like the course that much and was Honestly was opposed to going to Uni from the beginning.
All I Wanted since i returned to Germany was to leave and to go traveling again or to live in Australia. I did wanna leave Germany for good since I was a kid, I can be okay here but there was always this supressed urge to leave my home country.
So now I am trying to figure out what to do because I guess to stay here and do University is the more sensible choice since it is for free here but I cant stop Thinking about how it would be to just leave from here again.
I do not wanna just do what is ,,right" and regret this decision in a few years.
So anyone who can give me some advice, Personal experience or such?
I would appreciate it!

Ps. I am 21 years old btw.

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Re: Don't know what I should do with my life atm...

Hey there @jules1304 thank you so much for your post. It seems like you have some decisions to make about your next steps in life at the moment.

Unfortunately I do have to remind you that this forum is for members currently living in Australia (see the forum guidelines here) - I've tried to have a look for a similar forum to Reachout that might be in Germany or Europe but haven't had much luck. Sorry about this!

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Re: Don't know what I should do with my life atm...

I'm facing a similar crisis myself and I'm looking for ways to solve it. I like to live in the moment and do what's right at the current moment, and if I regret it, so be it.
I believe you should just take your hobby and try to turn it into a career, at least that's an option that you can enjoy your work. If you keep preparing for what's to come, whatever you're waiting for will never arrive if all you do is prepare the whole time.

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