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In this wonderful great big world that we live in there are a mass amount of cultures, ideology, beliefs and creeds that people use to find meaning of the incredibly unique experience that is, human consciousness. This is otherwise known or defined by somebodies faith or spirituality. Spirituality is an individual experience that can heighten somebodies self importance or role within the universe. Again this is different for everybody and can range from any experience that has left a positive dent in your personal life. 


So.. How important is spirituality to you?

How do you express your spirituality?

How important is it to accept somebody else's sense of spirituality? 

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Re: Spirituality

How important is spirituality to you/how do you express your spirituality?

It's not super important to me right now, but I understand that to a lot of people who do find it important, and that's cool! I'd definitely like to explore spirituality a little more, I feel like there's a lot I don't know about or haven't tried.

How important is it to accept somebody else's sense of spirituality?

EXTREMELY important. It really frustrates me when people judge others because of how they express their spirituality - that's not cool. Do what you want as long as you aren't hurting anyone.

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Re: Spirituality

Great idea for a thread @Thylacine


Personally I'm one of those weird people who fall somewhere in the category of "spiritual, but not religious". Being a big fan of history, systems/frameworks and theoretical models, I tend to see everything as being interconnected by their precedents and antecedents. Inputs and outputs. X goes in here, Y exits there, etc. I wouldn't necessarily say that it "heightens" my sense of self-importance or role in the universe per se, but it's interesting to imagine all the ways in which I subtly affect the world, simply by existing. A kindly word here might improve the mood of someone else there, which might mean a moment of happiness for those further down the line. So I guess that would be "spiritual", even though I'm not at all religious.


How important is spirituality to you?

Pretty important. I grew up as one of those kids who wanted to change the world, and even though I've dialed that back (a lot), I'd be lying if I said that a lot of "what makes me tick" had nothing to do with the way I looked at the world. It is the lens by which I look at things, and the source of much of my motivation.


How do you express your spirituality?

Through my volunteering, advocacy and my work. (And ideally my career.) Pretty much everything I do, really, considering it frames the entire way I look at the world.


How important is it to accept somebody else's sense of spirituality?

I'm a big believer in the right to bodily autonomy. So long as no one's getting hurt, pretty much anything is fair game.

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Re: Spirituality

Nice thread @Thylacine. Spirituality isn't all that important to me at the moment. However, I believe it is of paramount importance to respect the spirituality of other people and to accept their expression/s of spirituality.

I have friends with different spiritual/religious beliefs and I make it clear that they can discuss those with me whenever they like. If it's not hurting anybody else, I'd never begrudge someone their beliefs  


My freedom is an agreement with myself. It's an acceptance and love for who I am that isn't dependent on performance or the will of other people - Renee Yohe

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