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Supporting a Trans Friend

So I have this friend who came out to me and some other friends last year as trans. They're still kind of working out their identity, but they're sure they aren't cis which is totally awesome and valid.




These other friends they told have gone and told other people which our friend specifically told us not to do and it is totally not okay to out someone WHAT WERE YOU THINKING !1!!!!!!1! My trans friend doesn't know about this, though, they think it's still just a few of us who know. They're super nervous about coming out - they've convinced themselves people will react badly.


So I'm in this weird position where I feel like I should say, 'Dude, um, don't freak out but loads of people know?' Except I also feel like I should absolutely not say that.




Advice appreciated.


Have an awesome weekend.

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Re: Supporting a Trans Friend

@roseisnotaplant You sound like such a lovely friend. I think go with your gut on this one. Maybe disclosing that others know (who shouldn't) might cause your friend more stress when really nothing can be done? That's just my opinion though someone else might think the opposite? Your friend must be going through a lot of challenges - in case they already have support that's great, but if not - check out some of our info and referrals:


Otherwise, of course just treat them as you would any friend with lots of love and support. I would say that this is obviously hugely important because if your friend is worried about not being accepted then your acceptance and understanding is even more important. I have to admit I kinda cringed when you mentioned that the secret was shared!! That's rotten. Be sure to keep us posted with how it all goes. Hopefully others on here might have some good advice too. 


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