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Unwanted hip-and-shouldering in public spaces

Hi all


I am a member of the Hard of Hearing and Deaf community and I am also a young looking 40 odd year old who uses walking aides due to on going bodily injuries which usually are caused by members of the general public belting their shoulders into the back of mine. It is quite confronting when it happens. It's random people doing this and the chances are I may not cross paths with the individuals who do this to me. A lot of my friends and acquaintances cop it too. It's people who do not use mobility aides who do the hip and shoulder treatment. Does this come under bullying or discrimination? I know it is assault to belt someone else and this action I have described is unprovoked

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Re: Unwanted hip-and-shouldering in public spaces

Hey @Tobruk thank you for sharing your experiences with us. What you've described sounds frustrating and distressing. Have you spoken to your friends and acquaintances that have had similar experiences?


I'm wondering whether ReachOut will be provide the level of support that you are looking for, as our support services are tailored for 14-25 year olds. I had a look and found this resource which lists many services for deaf/hard of hearing people that you might find helpful. I would highly recommend Sane Australia as they have forums that are designed to better assist adults.

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