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What to do

Recently I've been empty nor happy, nor sad 

I'm not oblivious, I'm aware of why I just have many changes that have happened in my life 

but most of all I judge myself from them.


writing down my feelings have always been a strength of mine, I write songs so it comes naturally for me..

I (just today) spoke to a trusting and respectful teacher of mine and also I started writing down good things beside how I feel 

is it just the reassuring ness I need?


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Re: What to do

Hey @wonderinggirl welcome to ReachOut! That's so cool that you're able to write things down and to self reflect. It sounds like you're a great observer of your own thoughts Smiley Happy 


Did speaking to the teacher help you?

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Re: What to do

yes, it has but it doesn't change all these situations and feeling of lonliness I have at school. and it's not about putting myself out there because trust me i'm such a social person but at school I feel so isolated, so different.. and I hope moving schools will give me a new start

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Re: What to do

I'm really impressed by your insight and awareness of what's going on for you @wonderinggirl.


I agree that changing schools is one option. How about taking up an extra curricular activity where you might meet like-minded people, do you think that could be an option too? 


My freedom is an agreement with myself. It's an acceptance and love for who I am that isn't dependent on performance or the will of other people - Renee Yohe

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