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anxiety about everything


I'm not the best student sometimes and when I don't think that I'm doing well at something and it doesn't always mean uni it's I get really bad anxiety. I had an attack in class today because I got so overwhelmed with the amount of work that I had to do. I feel like I can't talk to my friends about it because they act like they aren't really interested in hearing what I want to say. I live on campus far away from my family so I haven't seen them in a while. I have tried to talk to the counsellor about everything but I don't seem to find that it helps. I just don't know really what I should do.


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Re: anxiety about everything

@smitty welcome to the ReachOut forums! Well done on reaching out for some support online.


Sounds like a tough run of it with the anxiety, I think a few of the members can relate to this for sure.  It could be that you and the uni counsellor just don't have a great rapport - what do you think it is about the sessions that you feel aren't working?


Definitely can be a pain anxiety, can have a lot of physical symptoms for sure Smiley Sad There's a  bunch of strategies around how to manage anxiety, RO has a good article here.

It also can help identifying why anxiety is kicking in initially.. Is it because of how other people perceive you? Or maybe some pressure you've popped on your own shoulders that doesn't need to be there?


Will tag some other members to share their journey's with you as well Smiley Happy @j95 @Asche @May_ @scared01

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Re: anxiety about everything

Excellent, thank for the tag @Bree-RO if you don't mind @smitty I'm going to have a think and respond in the morning Smiley Happy
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Re: anxiety about everything

Hey @smitty

As somebody living with anxiety I can definitely understand how tough it is Smiley Sad This morning I was struggling in class myself. It's difficult when we feel like we can't talk to the people around us like friends and family.

I like @Bree-RO's suggestion of working out what could be causing this anxiety, is it perhaps having high standards of your work and not quite getting there? It could a few things. If you don't feel ok seeing your uni counsellor, is Headspace an option? I can give you a bit more info on how to access them if you like, I've done it quite a bit.

What kind of self care set up do you have? I ask that because a lot of people don't have anything, which sucks. It can really help to prevent us getting overwhelmed, rather than trying to fix it after we've had a really bad time. You could set aside a certain amount of time every day to do something for yourself, that could going for a walk, buying something nice for yourself.
For me at the end of every week I buy something small for myself, so that might be a new tshirt, or just a juice from my favourite place. I am also trying to get into a routine of doing a daily meditation each day using the Smiling Mind app.

Let me know what you think Smiley Happy
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Re: anxiety about everything

Hi @smitty,


I struggle with anxiety over uni and life in general, generalised anxiety disorder. It can be difficult to talk to friends or others at uni about it when it seems they are all coping and getting by without a hassle. I think in reality though, there are lots of students who feel like they are in the same boat and merely act like they're on top of everything and uni is "easy" though it may not be, and they just act that way for the impression because they don't want to seem like they cannot cope with the work load or that they actually don't understand something. I've observed my fellow class mates, and it is surprising to see how much others are actually stressed or confused with the work like me, though I put enormous and irrational stress on myself that causes me to get overwhelmed. At the moment I have been struggling to go to all my uni classes and I have barely done any of my weekly reading tasks. I remember I was in class the other week and I just could not sit in there for a moment longer. I felt like the whole unit was crushing my chest and I had no idea what the heck the tutor was going on about. She kept using terms I did not understand and it just seemed pointless, so within 15 minutes of a two hour class I just left, got some fresh air, went and ate and went to sit in the student lounge to talk to uni friends about anything and everything except uni work, and I listened to music and even ended up watching a movie on my laptop while curled up on a bean bag.


From my experiences though, talking to Kids Helpline, Headspace or a uni counsellor has helped (and still does help) when I haven't been able to talk to friends and family. 



I think it may help if you can acknowledge what it is that is causing you to be anxious, have an action plan in place and practice coping strategies. You are not alone though. And it is amazing that you are able to tell someone about it.


I'm sorry that your friends seem like they don't want to listen to what you have to say. It might be that they don't know how to help you or that they are struggling themselves, so they don't know how to respond to you and so it comes out negatively like they don't care. Either way - I think finding someone who you can rely on for support is important. Someone you can trust and who won't judge you. 


It is also perfectly normal to feel like talking to your counsellor is not helping. Sometimes it doesn't work for everyone. Have you considered trying another outlet for dealing with your anxiety? Like sport or journal writing or reading? Any hobbies really. 


Good luck! 

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Re: anxiety about everything

how are you going @smitty

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