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Re: dislosure

hmmm @setmefree it can be really tough to manage nasty thoughts like those. For one thing, I can see that you've made a pretty awesome plan - that's definitely something you've done right!

You've got your job, and you wouldn't have been given it if you weren't an asset in some way to the place where you work, so I think it's safe to say you're doing that well, too, even if it might not feel like it.


Is there anything you can do to help you challenge some of these negative thoughts you're having at the moment? How about listing some of your strengths/acheivements? 


My freedom is an agreement with myself. It's an acceptance and love for who I am that isn't dependent on performance or the will of other people - Renee Yohe
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Re: dislosure

I agree with @letitgo. It seems you've definitely been doing some things right! :-)

Do you think some thought challenging would be helpful here?

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Re: dislosure

hi @JanaG @letitgo


the last time i tried to do thought challanging it didnt help me and i got frustrated doing it....

the only thing ive done right is join the forums and thats about it other that that im a failure at everything else.

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Re: dislosure

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They sound like some really tough thoughts to be dealing with @setmefree. Unfortunately it is so easy to become critical of ourselves when we are struggling, I know I've fallen into that pattern plenty of times. It can also be really hard to challenge those thoughts when we're not feeling the best so what about trying some self-care or distraction instead? 


It's really important to take time out to relax and just do something for you too Smiley Happy


- Hayley R/O

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