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Re: first day of prac

That's hard @N1ghtW1ng Smiley Sad and that was really thoughtless of that girl. I often feel really lonely at uni too so I get it. I can understand that distinction between 'choosing' to be alone and being forced into being alone. Good on you for still going to classes and all even with these feelings hanging around Smiley Happy That's a really brave thing to do. Is there anyone else who you feel comfortable with in your classes? Maybe you could suggest studying together or meeting up before class? I wish we went to the same uni 'cause I would totally hang out with you in between classes Smiley Happy


I know it's lonely sometimes but it won't be like that forever, you're a lovely person and you'll find people who genuinely care about you. Heart I also think that uni can be a really hard place to make friends, everybody's got different class times and work etc as well so people are sometimes too busy to be considerate and get to know lots of people. Maybe there's a group that you could join where you could meet people with similar interests to you? 


Sometimes I find that grounding myself helps with loneliness, having something hot to drink or listening to music really loud or sitting outside in the wind for a bit. 

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Re: first day of prac

@letitgo darn you for reminding me Smiley Tongue But no, I haven't. It's, not something I want to bring up with my mum because 1. it means a visit to the doctor (which I could very possibly have to drive myself and I do not want that) 2. I have to actually tell her, which means she'll know (I have a weird thing where I don't like people to know things... I dunno)
I might also end up getting myself a plastic slinky (that's rainbow) because it'd be lighter (and I might try to get a smaller one) so I can carry it around with me to fidget with. (or I can get one of those cubes! Although I'd probably just start at it like, what to do first Smiley Tongue)

I hope so. I know I'm still young, but I see other people with friends and I just, want that. I want friendship. Imagine it like those sappy people in romance movies who are so desperate for love except instead of romance and kissing (ew Smiley Tongue) it's friendship.

@DruidChild I don't think I could suggest anything. They might (probably) don't want to and then they'd be uncomfortable (I'm just making excuses, but I really can't just ask someone if they want to studying or meet up)
There was a group last year, but I don't know if I really made any friends. People I talked to, yeah, I sometimes still talk to them but I found out late last year that some of them were talking to each other and I just... oh okay then. I'll just see you every week then. This year the meet ups are all during my lecture/tut times. Smiley Sad
There's pretty much no other groups. I could try joining debating though... but I'd have to go and check it out first. And I probably wouldn't end up with any friends. Just more people I would chat to if I see them on campus (or they see me). Not friends.
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Re: first day of prac

Hey @N1ghtW1ng,
I know where you are coming from, it can be really hard to find friends. I have been using this app called Hey Vina! which is for women to find other female friends in the area, kinda like tinder for female friendship.

Would you feel comfortable going to the doctor yourself and talking about your chest pain? It does sound like a panic attack, which are not fun at all. Or maybe even talking to a counselor at uni?

WE WANT YOU to tell us what kind of infobuses you'd like to see! Let us know here.
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Re: first day of prac

That sounds so tough @N1ghtW1ng Smiley Sad Making that transition from 'people you chat to' to 'friends' can be so hard sometimes, I empathise. It sounds really isolating and painful. 


Those fidget toys sound so great Smiley Happy I love slinkies!


Most universities have free counselling services; I know you've been seeing an psychologist, but the counsellor might be able to help you out a bit more with uni and friendship specific stuff? How would you feel about doing that? 


I hope you're feeling okay about prac tomorrow (?). I'll be sending you heaps and heaps of good thoughts all day Smiley Happy

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