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Re: on good and bad

@May_ @Bree-RO Mostly if it happens its like

"you're a bad person for this reason"

"oh my god shush i dont have time for this" 


just kind of dismissal hah

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Re: on good and bad

Haha @ivory dismissal isn't always the worst - shuts down the negative thoughts fairly quickly, but I know what you mean can be limiting Smiley Very Happy


I know the feelings you describe for sure, around being a "bad" person (though I don't think anyone is inherently bad), I think sometimes it is good to remember to let the days come and go. Truly you are who you are in this moment and beyond, and the fact that you're even asking the question indicates to me you are very far from a bad person. I think you're a terrific member of this community, I am sure that extends beyond the walls of ReachOut as well Smiley Happy


Could you reframe the thoughts i.e. "I am a bad person" to "I feel like a bad person, though it's likely not true, right now I am feeling an emotion that I can move through".. It's not easy, but being an observer of ourselves can be super helpful, what are your thoughts?

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Re: on good and bad

@ivory I absolutely relate to how you're feeling. I also struggle to believe people when they say good things about me. But sometimes I try to tell myself, would they ALL be saying the same thing if they were lying?
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Re: on good and bad

@ivory how has your weekend been going? Smiley Happy

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