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inspiring people

well at some point in time we get inspired by someone and im wondering who inspires you to keep going? it can be on here or in the real world... feel free to tag them if its on here. love to hear your thoughts?


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Re: inspiring people

Heya @scared01 this thread is so awesome, thanks for starting it.

Just popped it in under Wellbeing "Special Discussions" as I think it's a pretty special discussion.


Everyone on RO inspires me Smiley Happy Relentless resilience and growth, I love watching it. Who inspires you? Also if I need a pick me up my go to youtube is Gary Vaynerchuk.


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Re: inspiring people

Ooh I have so many people who inspire me!!! Should I write them all @scared01? Smiley Tongue Okay here goes. This is going to be long.


@scared01 inspires me because they're compassionate and supportive and gave me the awesome butterfly strategy.


@j95 inspires me because they're so honest about their experiences and always resilient.


@redhead inspires me by being strong and kindness itself and also inspires me to drink more tea! Smiley Tongue


@N1ghtW1ng inspires me with their ability for making everybody feel welcome here.


@Bree-RO inspires me because they give awesome, insightful advice.


@LovesNetball inspires me by getting up every day even when it's hard and giving the best virtual hugs.


@lokifish  inspires me because they're knowledgable and caring and wise.


@Creativegirl12 inspires me with how they always manage to turn negatives into positives.


My old psychologist inspires me by having had faith in me that makes me want to get better.


This nursing student who I knew for all of two weeks inspires me majorly because she was so skilled and compassionate and knew just the right thing to say and was still very very human and imperfect.


Rose Tyler inspires me because if she can show mercy to a dalek then I can show mercy to myself.


The Doctor inspires me because he doesn't let his loneliness break him.


Morgana Pendragon inspires me because she fights back against the people who've hurt her.


Joan of Arc inspires me by being badass af and breaking gender roles.


Oscar Wilde inspires me because I, too, live for the gay aesthetic.


Mary Seacole inspires me by being my nursing heroine and always absolutely amazing.


(I didn't leave any forum users out on purpose by the way!! These were just the people who came to mind - I bet I could add more, RO's obviously an inspiring place Smiley Happy)


What a great thread @scared01!! It really made me think and feel really grateful for everyone who inspires me. I want to make them proud Smiley Happy Who inspires you?

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Re: inspiring people

My dad inspires me, he's had cancer and a brain tumour (unrelated) and suffers a lot with side effects. but he is the nicest, happiest, most resilient person i know. he doesnt let his illness get to him and he is always doing his best no matter what is going on
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Re: inspiring people

I love this thread idea @scared01! Honestly there are too many people to list, so I'll have to have a think about my top few and share them here Smiley Happy

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Re: inspiring people

GREAT im glad you like the thread Smiley Happy


I think everyone here who is on the forums inspires me. they are all brave, kind and caring and despite differences or having a bad day there is still someone around to share your thoughts with.

everyone on here has their own story and by sharing inspiring other people to share theirs as well and to me to be brave and courageous enough to share you thoughts on here is inspiring. so i guess that makes all of you Smiley Happy

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Re: inspiring people

this is such a good thread @scared01


I definitely would say my mum. She literally lets nothing stop her - she has type one diabetes but will still play on two different sports teams, run every day, have a thriving career and family, and still manage to be a balanced and calm person. Until recently she didn't have any qualifications, but worked her way to being the best in her area through hard work alone, and i remember her being like this ever since I was a kid. I love her so much if I could be half the person she is i would be happy. 


And another sort of narcissistic answer - I inspire myself! Sometimes I look back on my life and what I've done and think, you know, I'm actually doing pretty good. I can keep going. I've made it through all these other things, so I can face whatever challenge is facing me at that time. 

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Re: inspiring people

hey @scared01 I know others have already said but just also wanted to say great idea for a topic ^_^

I think for me both my parents inspire me they worked hard against the odds to achieve their goals as well as worked hard to give me and my sister all we ever wanted while still teaching us to appreciate all we had in life and instilled in us the best morals and ethics along with teaching us the value of hard work and education. They also support me and help guide me everyday to achieve my goals.


I think I'm also inspired by anyone who works hard to achieve their dreams and work hard everyday to give to others as much as life has given them ^_^

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Re: inspiring people

I would definitely say I'm inspired by a lot of people
@scared01 because you always have the best things to say and you always care about others

A chick in my school called charlotte because I'm bisexual and she's been a huge help in me figuring out my sexuality and she's such a good friend in general

To Cara Delevingne (thank god for autocorrect) because she empowers other women to take control of themselves and their lives

To every person that has gone before me because they wanted gender equality and equal rights for every person on this planet

Another chick in my grade called ryleigh inspires me too. She's an amazing friend, that no matter what happens she's always willing to talk. She always lets me rant no matter what's going on in hr world.

Mulan because she's such a lit chick. She's a badass that was willing to break gender stereotypes and save her country. She's brilliant!

So yeah!
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Re: inspiring people

Aww your so cute @AlexandriaD ❤❤
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