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Guide to Forum Settings

As with all forums there are lots of things you can change in your forums settings - which can be found in the top right next to forum help.


I've listed some of these things here, so for those interested in tweaking their settings.


You can turn on/off the below.



The below section each has their own tab:



  • View signatures 
  • Automatically subscribe to posts you participate in (get notifications - I recommend this if you don't visit daily!)
  • Confirm post before publishing (for those who like to be sure!)


Display (opt to turn on/off)

  • Quick reply (you might want to turn this on for easier replies.)
  • Change font size 
  • Use relative dates (ie. three hours ago rather than listing the time 3 hours ago)
  • Display menus dynamically when mouse over


Liner Layout

  • View oldest/newest post first
  • Topics per page (I suggest 50!)
  • Posts per page (also suggest 50)
  • Jump to first unread post in topic



  • Show online status to all, friends, or no-one. (Please note default is ALL)


There are more options but I think the above are the most useful. If you want to post any other tips or tricks to using the forums - that'd be tops. Cheers! 

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Re: Guide to Forum Settings

Thanks Ally. The Quick Reply is definitely a function that is worth turning on!

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Re: Guide to Forum Settings

By the way, if you have anything to add to this guide, tell us about it on the Feedback and Suggestions board! Smiley Happy

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