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Re: Saying goodbye to some Mods

Hey guys,

This is a farewell I really didn't want to write, so I put it off til the laaaast possible moment. But the Quiipees have finished up on RO as of last night, so it's time!

Getting to spend nearly three years hanging out on ReachOut has been such a privilege. Everyone here is so generous with their support, and so brave to share even the toughest things with each other. You've made me giggle, made me cry, made me worry. But most of all, you make me so hopeful. Because of communities like this, young people who are feeling really alone and hurt have a place they can come and feel understood and supported and less alone. You guys rock. I have loved being here and I learned so much from you all.

@lokifish @j95 @N1ghtW1ng @Bay52VU @FootyFan26 and @redhead - thank you so much for the lovely farewell messages. It made me so happy/sad to read them. You guys have been amazing travelling companions over the journey. 


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Sniffles IRL,