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Re: Bye bye Ben-RO


I know I speak for everyone on the forums, whether they've been here for five minutes or five years, in saying that you have truly had a positive, memorable impact on all of our lives. We've messed around when running GRs and in the games section, and you've helped me through some of the toughest stuff I've ever dealt with. This community means so much to me - has taught me so much, has helped me so much, and has made me laugh so much - and from when I joined the forums last September, you have been the center of that community. It is difficult for me, and I think many others, to accept that this will no longer be the case, but we'll manage. We'll manage because you'll have left us bunch of strange, unique, incredible forumers stronger and more capable than when you arrived.

While it is sad to see you go, I wish you nothing but the best in whatever your future holds.

We'll miss you dude. Thank you for everything.

Re: Bye bye Ben-RO

you said pretty much everything i was thinking just didn't have the words to say it @roseisnotaplant
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Re: Bye bye Ben-RO

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@Ben-RO really going to miss you. 



You've helped me and everyone so much over the years.

You've helped make this community what it is today. 


I hope whatever new embark on is amazing and that you continue to be the amazing person you are. Good luck for the future, I wish you well. 

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Re: Bye bye Ben-RO

noooo @Ben-RO you cant leave well actually you can lol but damn it! 

@roseisnotaplanthas basically summed it up perfectly 


i do want to say a big thank you though, ive been here not even a year and youve helped me heaps and heaps! it has been a real pleasure knowing you and interacting with you. 

i do wish you the best in all your endeavours and good luck with everything. whoever/wherever you go they are lucky to have you. i really hope you do pop in and say hello!


do you mind sharing what your aiming at? as in your career path? 



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Re: Bye bye Ben-RO

@Ben-RO I will miss you, thank you so so much for everything!! HeartHeart

Re: Bye bye Ben-RO

@roseisnotaplant I totally agree with you Heart

Re: Bye bye Ben-RO

I'm tempted to type out an entire thing in farewell reminiscing about the time you've spent here, things you've done for us and the impact you've had. But I think we can all agree that I have a little bit of a rant problem, and I've been trying to improve on that, so I'm just going to write out my message in exhaustive gif form instead.


Image result for my captain gif




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Goodbye @Ben-RO. For all your teachings, for believing in us, and for always being there for us when the community needed you. Best of luck in all your future endeavours. And please. Remember us.




(Like your gif, although for the record I feel like WE'RE Harry, and you're Hagrid.) 


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Re: Bye bye Ben-RO


Re: Bye bye Ben-RO

Hey @Ben-RO just wanted to say a big thanks for being CM for what has felt like ever Smiley Tongue.  The RO community is like a big family so it is sad to see you leave but I really want to wish you good luck for your future adventures and hope that they treat you well.  It's been great having you here and I've enjoyed joking around and doing the occasional thread takeover Smiley Tongue, you've been with me through thick and thin and that's something that I can't say to too many other people so I want to say a big thanks for that and again wish you luck for the future Smiley Happy.

a-big-thank-you-clip-art-8.jpgSelf-portrait Smiley Happy

 And let's have a bit of a look back now Smiley Tongue


 fresh_memes_are_the_fuel_internets_working_on_640_34.jpgAnd this... I'll never stop loving this Smiley Tongue6ee642df-333d-4f84-a381-4281b32b94aa._SR300,300_.jpgWe turned roseisnotaplant into Elmomaxresdefault.jpgWe had many discosrevamp.jpgYou helped construct a sick as revamp of RO

And because you deserve it:









And if you really didn't get the memo, you're a legend mate! Smiley Tongue Smiley Very Happy

Re: Bye bye Ben-RO

Also can I just say that it's kinda weird saying goodbyr to someone I've never even spoken to or met Smiley Tongue but the fact that people can grow so close in an online community is great and you have helped make it that way so thank you Smiley Very Happy.