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Re: Do you want to be a Builder on the ReachOut Forums?

Hi @Jess1-RO

I know I said I'd submit my application a couple weeks ago but I have had alot on my mind and completely forgot with all that's going on. I do really want to apply though because I feel like I need something like that at the moment. I'm also about to hit the 25 mark in like a week and it's really upsetting me that I'll have to leave the community because at the moment I feel like it's all I have for true and safe support. So if I can manage to stick round for an extra year I'd really love too cause the thought of not having everyones support on here is starting to really freak me out! I'm pretty sure you said I could do it till I was 26? Was that right? If so, could you please re-share the link for me? Sorry to be a pain 😔 I will actually get on it this time!

Re: Do you want to be a Builder on the ReachOut Forums?

Hi @MB95 , 


Just to confirm that you absolutely can still apply to be a builder, and can continue to access the forums until you turn 26 Smiley Happy Here's the link to the application form, we look forward to hearing from you! Smiley Happy


Check out our community activities calendar here

Re: Do you want to be a Builder on the ReachOut Forums?

Thank you so much @Janine-RO!! 

I've been freaking out so much that I'm going to have to leave the forums next week but knowing I can be on here till I'm 26 makes me feel so much better about it. It's just such a lovely place to speak to people and recieve support without ever feeling judged. I wish I'd found it sooner! I actually think my mental health would have been so much better years ago had I known this existed!! I have one more week of uni intensives and then it's on my to do list to apply so thanks for re-sharing the link for me! 😊

Re: Do you want to be a Builder on the ReachOut Forums?

Happy Wednesday ReachOut Community! 


After some maintenance with the Builder Training, we will be doing another intake the builders program again this week! I am going to be reading over all the applications in the next two days. So, if you are interested in volunteering, or just want to learn some new skills, you can apply here!

Re: Do you want to be a Builder on the ReachOut Forums?

Wait so I have to apply next year? I’m 16 in October.. do you guys only do applications once a year?

Re: Do you want to be a Builder on the ReachOut Forums?

Hey there @Bananatime04  - no, they are done roughly every month, so once you are 16 you can submit an application for the next intake Smiley Happy


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Re: Do you want to be a Builder on the ReachOut Forums?

I have roughly 160 days until I can apply!! 🥳 hehe.. I know it’s ages.

Re: Do you want to be a Builder on the ReachOut Forums?

Hi there ReachOut Community!


This month with have had an incredible 46 applications for the builders program so far! I will be reading through all the applications this week, so if you have been thinking about joining the builder's program this month, now is your chance Smiley Happy


I have been blown away with levels of compassion, kindness and generosity in the applications so far! I can't wait to see these incredible new builders in our forums soon Smiley Happy

Re: Do you want to be a Builder on the ReachOut Forums?

Hey ReachOut Community! We have just updated the original builder info post with some FAQs relating to the Builder Program. We are in the process of upgrading the training for builders and creating more opportunities- stay tuned for more info to come later this year!


In the meantime, if you are thinking about becoming a builder (and or one day a Moderator!) check out the FAQs I've copied to the first post and below: 


Frequently Asked Questions! 

Who are Community Builders (affectionately known as BOBs)?:

A Builder is a member of the community who has put their hand up to use their experiences of being a young person to take their support to the next level. They're trained in the art of Peer Support and help us to make our community the best place it can be. 


Why become a Community Builder with ReachOut’s Online Community?

Volunteering as a Builder is great for anyone interested in building or strengthening skills to support other people! Joining this supportive team is a fun way to meet new people who share your interests in helping others, and to make a positive impact on the lives of the two million people who come to ReachOut each year. The skills you learn as a Builder will also directly support study and work experiences in the future!

Can I become a Builder? Who is eligible to apply?

Anyone in Australia within the ages of 16-25 can apply to become a Builder with the ReachOut Online Community by completing this application form!

We do monthly recruitment to the Builder’s Program, so you will hear from us within four weeks of your application! You will need to complete the online training before you can start as a builder so that we can make sure you have all the skills and knowledge you need to thrive in this volunteering role.


What skills will I learn and what does training involve?

Because the training is online, you can complete it in your own time from anywhere in Australia! You will learn all the skills you need to build and facilitate connections and relationships between members of the Online Community, learn about our community discussions and activities you can co-lead, provide peer support to those posting for help, and to ensure that you are maintaining your wellbeing while supporting others! 

Do I need to have these skills already?

We don’t expect our Builders to have all the skills right away; the training and ongoing support from ReachOut staff and Volunteer Moderators will give you the knowledge and skills you need to thrive in this role! 


If you want to further your skills and knowledge after you complete the Builder training, you can also apply for our Moderator Program! 

What is the difference between the volunteer Builder Program and Moderator Program?

The Builder Program will give you all the skills you need to offer support to other young people on the ReachOut Community, and is a prerequisite to the Moderator Program. 

The Moderator Program builds on these strengths, and provides more intensive training and opportunities including a stronger focus on developing skills and experience in providing peer support, leadership/mentoring, building and engaging online communities and moderation (including all the digital tools behind the scenes of ReachOut!). 


What is the commitment?

Builders will need to complete the online training, and commit to volunteering their time on the ReachOut Online Community 2 hours a week. We can be flexible too and are happy to work on a time commitment that works for you- just let a ReachOut staff member know! 

You can act in the Builder role for as long as you’d like and it’s okay to take a break if you need to. We will check in with you every 12 months to see if you are still interested in continuing on with the Builder program. 

I have some questions, who can I talk to?

You are more than welcome to email your questions about the Builder’s Program to the ReachOut Online Community Team email address: 

Re: Do you want to be a Builder on the ReachOut Forums?

Hi @musicfan_xo , I noticed that you'd asked about the Builder's program over the weekend - you can read all about it here Smiley Happy The application form is attached, and we do intakes to the program roughly every month Smiley Happy 


Check out our community activities calendar here