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Re: Goodbye from Gina!

thats awesome @gina-RO youll do some amazing things im sure and help many more people.
that job is also a tough one so take the good with the bad and a friendly reminder to take care of yourself Heart
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: Goodbye from Gina!

@gina-RO has been my other half here at ReachOut and it has been such a pleasure to work alongside you!


I learn so much from you every day! I have no doubt that the impact you have made in this community will continue on Heart We are going to miss you!


Lisa Vertudaches GIF


Going to appreciate every second of our last week together Heart I have no doubt that you will make a big impact in your next role too!


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Re: Goodbye from Gina!

@Jess1-RO  what a gif choice Heart


Its been a wild ride!! It makes it a lot easier leaving, knowing how amazingly the community will be cared for and supported by you. 


This gif also feels very fitting... 


giphy (22).gif

I'm leaving ReachOut on the 5th of June Smiley Sad Say goodbye here

Re: Goodbye from Gina!

Thank you for all you've done @gina-RO! I wish you all the best for the future. Heart 


Re: Goodbye from Gina!

OH @gina-RO 


Words are still hard for me to express my appreciation of you and everything you've done, from being an amazing community manager (as everyone here can attest too), to building stronger connections with mods, bobs and users! x


Your new role sounnds very interesting! I'm glad your moving onto another thing that your passionate about! No doubt you'll be great!


This gif feels fitting too! 


annnnd Kitty and bunneh snuggles!



We reflected on the joys of 2019

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Goodbye from Gina!



Everyone has summed up a lot of my thoughts and sentiments already, but I still wanted to post Smiley Happy


Thank you for being someone the community can trust, and for all the behind the scenes support you've given to us as mods. It's clear that everyone here is going to miss you. Please come back as an Infobus guest at some point Smiley Tongue


Also thank you for introducing me to avocado squishies - I finally bought one and they are the best


No human being, however great or powerful, was ever so free as a fish

Re: Goodbye from Gina!

Oh not you too @gina-RO!
As everyone else has said, we will miss you sooooooooooooooo much, and miss you dearly. I also wish you best of luck with your next role.

Thank you gor the support you've given me, especially when I've felt unsafe around myself. We all love you, and will miss you more than anything.

Love you Gina!

Re: Goodbye from Gina!

Bye @gina-RO!! You've been such an incredible support here on ReachOut and have inspired so many people including myself to help others as best I can.

Really sad to see you go. Will miss you so much. Good luck with your future roles. Hopefully we can hear what you've been up to.


Re: Goodbye from Gina!

Thank you @Hozzles ! Heart

I'm leaving ReachOut on the 5th of June Smiley Sad Say goodbye here

Re: Goodbye from Gina!

Thank you @Bee  - I have learnt so much from you and your warm compassionate way of supporting people here. 

I know that the community will continue to thrive with such an amazing team of moderators and builders and  so many committed wonderful members. 


Thank you @lokifish !! I love that you're now loving avocado squishes!! Mission accomplished. 

And yes what a good idea!! Will definitely try to make that happen in the coming months! 


Thank you @Ladybug and @xXLexi_Lou122Xx - your kind words mean so much to me! 

I will miss you all!! 

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I'm leaving ReachOut on the 5th of June Smiley Sad Say goodbye here