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HOW TO - Hyperlink

A hyperlink is the bright blue underlined text that sends you off to another link. like this! As @stonepixie said in the original post, it makes the posts easier to read, and flows. Plus, it makes it easier when linking to helpline services as we can link them directly to the chat section without having the long link muddling the response.

HERE WE GO! Smiley Happy


Step 1: Highlighted yellow is the button you press for hyperlinks! When you hover over it, it actually says "insert/edit link" so that certainly helps too Smiley Happy


Step 2 (and a bit): Once we click on that button, the below pop-up appears.

RED SECTION: This is where we put in the URL of the page we want to link to.

BLUE SECTION: Here goes the text we want the hyperlink to say.

BLACK SECTION: This area is where you can choose whether you want the link to open in the current page or a new page. The default setting is "current page" so we change it to "new page" by clicking on the drop-down menu and selecting "open in new page". This way, anyone who clicks on the link won't be taken out of whatever page they're on. 

LASTLY: We click "Ok" (highlighted yellow with an arrow)


Step 3: Your hyperlink is born! To the forums! To edit your link, click anywhere on the link (the yellow highlighted section), but don't open it. When you do, the "insert/edit link" button will highlight grey (circled red). Click on it and the pop-up above (also visible in the image below) will appear and you can change the url or the text. 



Happy hyperlinking! 


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These tutorials are awesome @N1ghtW1ng, nice job!!!

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Did you just RickRoll me @roseisnotaplant? Smiley Tongue

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I might have done @Ben-RO Smiley Tongue

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HAHA @roseisnotaplant! Thanks for the warning @Ben-RO Smiley Very Happy