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HOW TO - Upload images/gifs

Hello everyone! This is going to be a tutorial on uploading images and gifs, which is pretty much the same thing. Smiley Happy To upload ANY image or gif, you first click on the Photos button, which is nicely labeled as Photos in the toolbar.





From your computer:

Step 1: You can either drag your desired image from your computer directly into the grey area (circled red) OR click on "Choose Files" (circled blue) and choose your image from wherever. 

The "home base" screenThe "home base" screen

Step 2: Now that your image is uploaded, there are some new things we can do! The first thing is adding a caption to our image! (circled blue) This will appear underneath the image like you can see below this one.

Over on the right hand side is our formatting (circled red). This shows you where our image is going to appear in the text. You can change the size and positioning of the image and then at the end press done!

You can also had multiple images in one go, by dragging more photos or clicking "Choose Files" (circled black) just like in Step 1.










Step 3: Click done and your image will appear!

TA - DA!!!TA - DA!!!Gif Example (under the same process)Gif Example (under the same process)


From the internet: (this is a common way for gifs, as that's likely to be where you found it from)

Step 1: To get to the screen shown below, you have to click "URL" (circled red). Then, you copy the link of your gif (second and third picture taken from giphy) into the URL bar (circled blue). (A good place to get gifs from is

Capture.PNGclick the red circle to view linksclick the red circle to view links

the one highlighted in the red circle is the one you wantthe one highlighted in the red circle is the one you want

Step 2: Here we have the same screen as before, just a different version of uploading. Formatting is on the right (circled red), you can upload more images/gifs through their links (circled blue) and add any captions! (circled black). 


Step 3: You press "Done" (the lovely blue button down the bottom right, impossible to miss Smiley Tongue) and viola! Your image or gif is posted.




Editing Photos/Gifs: The white pencil button in the top right hand corner (squared red) takes you back to the uploading screen so that you can change the formatting (size, position, etc.) or add more images quickly, rather than having to delete the image and re-upload it. 


Saved Photos Part ONE: This is the third section when uploading photos (highlighted yellow). Any photos you've uploaded before appear here. As you can see, there are three sections. "All Photos" (underlined red), "Profile" (underlined blue) and "Public" (underlined black). You click on any of those images (the tigger, image or eye, different for yours) to take yourself to that album. 


Saved Photos Part TWO: In that album, you select any photos you want to upload, in this case I chose Tigger and Pooh (circled red). Once you've clicked on the ones you want, you can select the "Next" button (circled blue with lovely arrows pointing to it Smiley Tongue) to take you to the editing screen so you can change format, upload more images and whatever else you feel like doing. 




AND that's how you upload images or gifs! It might seem a bit complicated, but it's actually pretty easy once you know where everything is. Feel free to use this space to ask any questions or test out posts gifs or images Smiley Happy


Re: HOW TO - Upload images/gifs

Thank you for all of your wonderful explanations @N1ghtW1ng!! Smiley Happy 

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Re: HOW TO - Upload images/gifs

What about phones? Do they work?



Re: HOW TO - Upload images/gifs





Re: HOW TO - Upload images/gifs

@Destructive05 yes! (that picture above was done with my phone)
The only difference is that there is no link option, so you have to upload directly from your phone. Smiley Happy The option to upload photos is also just a picture of a camera, most likely to save on space. Smiley Very Happy