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Re: Help us review our community guidelines!

Awesome, good to hear! Glad I could help!

Re: Help us review our community guidelines!

I just want to say I really appreciate the time, effort, thought and whole idea of ReachOut having guidelines and the level of importance that it is to this community. I honestly never really understood the meaning to it until last night.. I’m so thankful that guidelines are the huge focus that they are here and this hit me after reading the distressing comments on tiktok videos surrounding suicide attempts, method of self harm in depth and so much more that isn’t allowed here. I know putting a trigger warning on things can be important for other people and I never really took that into consideration and read anything with a trigger warning anyway. The things I saw last night really affected me to the point where I was.. not okay and really considering suicide and doing things I shouldn’t have. The fact that this space is a space to go for help from other people but limiting the information being able to share, really is a good thing and it’s really opened my eyes. I now understand the point of having these guidelines and appreciate the work all of you do to make this a safe space Heart thank you xx
After this experience, I would also like to say I’m so very sorry if I’ve ever been the reason one of you have been left in the state I was in, after seeing a triggering post that I had posted.

Re: Help us review our community guidelines!

Hey @Bananatime04 


I'm sorry that you've seen something so triggering..

We're really lucky that we have such a safe space here.


Is there anything you can do to look after yourself after seeing that?

Re: Help us review our community guidelines!

Aw thank you @Bananatime04 we really appreciate you saying that. It's so special that you put these realisations into words for us - it makes our day when we can see that the community knows how much we genuinely care for each and everyone of you Heart 


In saying that, I'm really sorry to hear about last night Smiley Sad that would have been really scary for you. Are you feeling better today? 

Re: Help us review our community guidelines!

Thank you @Bre-RO and @Tiny_leaf Heart

I am okay now Smiley Happy it was very triggering but I think that was a good thing. It’s what I needed to experience, to know how other people may have felt if they saw my posts. Although my posts didn’t have that much detail.. I’ve had a lot of trouble keeping in the guidelines because I wasn’t exactly sure what was triggering and what wasn’t and how but now I know so hopefully it turns out being a good thing Smiley Happy which I think it will be

Thanks for your concerns though, I managed to contact beyondblue last night after I done something to myself. I’m not sure if it counts as self harm.. so I won’t say what I done. I wasn’t trying to hurt myself but I guess it could tell someone how.

Re: Help us review our community guidelines!

Great that you were able to contact a support service last night and are feeling okay now @Bananatime04 Heart It sounds like you got the support you needed for that situation.

Re: Help us review our community guidelines!

Thanks so much to everyone who provided their input into our guideline review - I'm delighted to say that our revised Community Guidelines are now up! 


We had so much thoughtful and detailed feedback on this, and hope that people find the new guidelines helpful Smiley Happy 


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