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MUST READ: Community Guidelines

Our Community Guidelines.png

Our community has a set of guidelines to keep discussions on the forums safe and supportive. These guidelines are based on ReachOut’s organisational values which are shared by members of our forums and shape the way we interact with each other (see our community values here).


Our guidelines cover four main areas: Personal Safety and Wellbeing, Community Wellbeing, Respect and Peer Support. 

Personal Safety and Wellbeing Guidelines.png

For immediate support/help, please click the URGENT HELP button at the top right-hand side of the page
For more information on how to post about suicide on the forums, click here


Community Wellbeing Guidelines.png

For a list of services outside Australia, please click here


Respect Guidelines.png


Peer Support Guidelines.png

Steps we may take.png


  • ReachOut staff or Moderators may edit or remove any posts that do not meet our guidelines without notice.

  • ReachOut staff and Moderators may ask you to step off the forums to seek professional, medical or crisis supports. We are a peer support service and do not offer clinical services or crisis support- there may be times we refer you to clinical/crisis services for further support. We trust that you will take steps to seek supports outside of ReachOut when you need them. 

  • Should guidelines continue to be broken, we may put in place time restrictions, pauses or bans on your account at the discretion of the ReachOut staff. ReachOut staff may contact you by email to communicate this decision, provide referrals to appropriate services and encourage you to stick to the community guidelines.

  • Some guideline breaches may lead to an automatic ban including spamming, trolling, inciting hatred or discrimination, bullying,  posting with commercial interests or for purposes not related to the values of our forums, evading site controls or threatening violence.

  • Posts that do not meet the guidelines or may contain triggering/unsafe/distressing information that could be harmful to the community may be edited or removed at the discretion of ReachOut staff and Moderators.

  • Posts may be moved to new threads or between boards at the discretion of ReachOut staff and Moderators.

  • International members: When a member posts from a country outside of Australia, a staff member may send an email to the member with referrals to services in their local country. The account will then be banned within 24 hours. International users will still be able to view and read the forums.


 Mandatory Reporting.png


Mandatory reporting: ReachOut Australia are mandatory reporters, meaning that there are times where we are required by law to make reports to Family and Community Services in your state, emergency services (such as ambulance or police) or other relevant authorities. There are two main times when we are required to make a report:

a) If you are at imminent risk of harm to yourself or others, then we may share your IP address and any other information we have about you with emergency services;

b) If you post that you or anyone you know under the age of 18 is at risk of harm, we may need to escalate to Emergency Services or Department of Family and Community Services.


Honesty and transparency is very important to us and we will take every opportunity to contact you and involve you in this process when it is possible. We will make every effort to explain the process so you can understand where a report will go to and what possible actions may be taken. 

Did you know we have new Community Guidelines? You can check them out here

Re: MUST READ: Community Guidelines

Wow guys, thanks heap for posting an update Smiley Happy I think it's a lot clearer (not that it wasn't) so yeah, thank you for the effort Smiley Happy

Re: MUST READ: Community Guidelines

Well done team, this layout and also the wording youve used is alot clearer and i think easier for everyone to understand and follow along. As a builder myself i can see that this will have a more positive impact on the way people use the forums and engage with each other.
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: MUST READ: Community Guidelines

@Jess1-RO I have a question..... if you start a thread with one intended purpose and it ends up going off topic and getting long does that make it into the diary category? Like should people post in one long off topic thread or make potentially more threads but more topic focused threads? Just not sure as sometimes you don’t mean for things to go a certain direction but threads end up long and kind of update like. But at the same time sometimes people have a lot of different things they want to talk about which is fine but then if it should be topic focused then potentially many threads could be created by the same person and if that happens I worry that many threads will be missed and not answered because there would be so many threads that it would be easy to miss one. Just wondering what is the preference.....?

Re: MUST READ: Community Guidelines

Thanks @Jess1-RO for posting. This is much clearer to understand. I particularly think the link to how to talk about suicide online is going to be very useful!

Re: MUST READ: Community Guidelines

Hi @Eden1717

Really great question about diary threads in the tough times section! The preference is to try and start a new thread with each new topic of discussion where possible in the tough times section of the forums. Our staff/moderators will suggest a new thread or move posts to new threads to help our members out.

Sometimes threads naturally evolve and change topics- that's okay too. But if a topic starts to emerge from the original conversation that staff and/or moderators feel is deserving of a new thread, they may move the post to a new thread and continue the conversation there.

I do agree that if too many threads are made, then there is the possibility of losing posts and we definitely don't want to miss any. We would aim to be flexible, particularly in this early stage of the new guidelines, and look at this guideline on a case by case basis- if someone already has multiple active threads open, we may not encourage another open thread that day. However, if a thread is going on for a lot of pages, we might close that thread and encourage moving the conversation to a new thread, particularly if the topic has changed over time.

I hope this clarifies this guideline more- does that make sense?

Great questions! We love seeing our members get to know the guidelines and ask questions Smiley Happy

Did you know we have new Community Guidelines? You can check them out here