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MUST READ: Guidelines is for 14-25 year olds living in Australia. If you are an international user, you will be redirected to a service in your local area. 

These forums are not monitored 24/7 and we can not guarantee that someone will see or reply to anything you post. This is not counse
lling or a crisis service - if you need to talk to someone now click here


Mandatory reporting:

ReachOut Australia are mandatory reporters, meaning that there are times where we are required by law to make reports to Family and Community Services in your state, emergency services (such as ambulance or police) or other relevant authorities. There are two main times when we are required to make a report:

  1. If you are at imminent risk of harm, to yourself or others, then we will share your IP address and any other information we have about you with emergency services;
  2. If you post that anyone you know under the age of 18 is at risk of harm, we may need to escalate to Emergency Services or Department of Family and Community Services.

Honesty and transparency in this process is very important to us and we will take every opportunity to contact you and involve you in this process when it is possible. We will make every effort to explain the process so you can understand where a report will go to and what possible actions may be taken. 




  • Call 000 if you/someone are in immediate risk of harm. Use Urgent Help link (top right of your screen).
  • Tell the forum clearly that you are safe, and that you are contacting / using other supports if you disclose any thoughts of suicide
  • Report content that may be causing a problem, or that you are worried about (email  
  • Be constructive and focus on strengths
  • Respect what others think and believe
  • Be non-judgemental -  don't make assumptions
  • Be yourself but stay anonymous  - do not give our your phone number, email address, or real name
  • Choose a unique display name and don’t pretend to be anyone else. Do not use your full name in your user name. 
  • Think carefully about what you post online. What you write today could still be there in 5, 10 or even 50 years!
  • Give credit to others if you used their ideas or words.
  • Respond to our emails - occasionally we will email you to check in, or discuss something you've posted. Always reply and seek to work together with the team. 
  • Contact us ( before you post campaigns, projects, media requests, research projects/trials, links to other websites & assignment surveys/interviews
  • Ensure your posts are age appropriate - is for 14-25 year olds so there are times when we may refer you to another service if you are outside this age range.
  • The forums are only for users within Australia, if you live abroad please refer to your local online youth services. See a list of some other countries and their services here


  • Post details about self-harming behaviour, suicide method, eating disorder methods (this includes specific weights/measurements, weight-loss/dieting methods), abuse or medications. 
  • Reveal any personal details of your own or others: stay anonymous (this includes email addresses and links to social media pages like Facebook, Youtube, tumblr etc)
  • Post any inappropriate, obscene, offensive or provocative content - including sexually graphic description
  • Swear at or about another person, whether they are on the forums or not. General swearing is ok, but not when it is directed at a person. (eg. "I'm so fucking sad" is ok but "I hate my fucking teacher" is not)
  • Be malicious, personally attack, bag out/put down another person or ‘troll’.
  • Create posts that may incite hatred or are discriminatory.
  • Break the law in any way or encourage others to break the law.
  • Post with commercial interests in mind
  • Promote any specific religion
  • Provide professional advice ( legal, medical, financial or other). Do not share names of medications, attempt to diagnose others and or give the names of health care professionals. 
  • Cross post. Don’t post multiple, duplicate, identical or near-identical content.
  • Post or behave in a way that interferes with the site - including creating more than 1 account. 
  • Evade site controls or disregard the directions of the Mods, ModSquad or staff



  • If a post is one of the following you will be immediately banned:
    • trolling; and/or
    • spam; and/or
    • otherwise malicious

In other situations, staff will use discretion to work with you, via email, on how to better stick to the guidelines, and how to use the forums in the best way for your well being, and the well being of the community. 


This can mean a number of options: 

  1. account paused - we’ll email you asking you to tell us how things can be different and what you can do to help stay in the guidelines. We’ll work on a plan together to get you back online. 
  2.  2 week / longer break - We might be worried that the forums are not helpful for you. During this time we will:
    • Remind you of what other supports you can access
    • Encourage you to try and figure out alternative ways to communicate on the forums
    • Communicate with on email - usually once a week
    • Remind you that if you break the guidelines over email or make a new account to get around the ban, the break will continue for a longer period of time. 
  3. 6 month/ longer  break with no email contact -  we will refer you to other places that can offer more support than we are able to. 

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