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Seeking Help

[This message originally posted in the Help section of the forums but we thought it was so good that it should be an announcement for anyone that's looking for help - Sophie, Community Manager]


Hello again all.


One of the hardest things for a person to do is to seek out help. It can be easy for some but for others it's one of the hardest things to do. There is no shortage of help out there. Forums like this one, school counselors, online services such as KidsHelpLifeline and Headspace all offer online chat services, over-the-phone sessions and some also offer email support. All of these services are free. There's also family and friends, close relatives, teachers. There are so many different options for one to seek help. 


No one is ever alone. Really. Just look at the list above. Most of these people, depending on your situation can and will help you. All you need to do is ask. If you are uncomfortable with face-to-face. Check out the links above, they offer online services to help you. If face-to-face is your deal. Then seek out some help, or many talk to some close friends, people you trust to relieve some of that stress. Or find your school counselor/s and chat with all of them, to find out who you are most comfortable with. And talk to them. Ask them about confidentiality to help ease the anxiety of seeing a counselor. 


Nothing is wrong with any of these. Reasons why people don't seek out help are many. Nervous about seeing someone, worried about online problems or not ready to share. Sometimes, all it takes are a few small steps. Find a counselor, online or not, and begin by menial conversation, hello, how are you, what you did recently, to relax yourself. Then when you are ready begin talking about what bothers you, what you might be having trouble with at the moment or just hint at it. Tell whoever you are speaking to that you are worried, uncomfortable, anxious. They will understand and won't push you. 


You can also reach out here (pun intended). I mean, we are called ReachOut. It's because you can come here, anonymously and ask for help or just hang to distract yourself from whatever might be troubling you. In the Games section or in Everyday life stuff or in our Hanging Out section. You can ask for help here, in Getting Help or in Something's not right


In some cases, your family is there for you too. Turn to a parent or guardian. Someone you look up to a trust to confide in. A sibling, cousin, anyone. There are always people out there that you can turn to and trust. Teachers too. All these people in your life are people that you can trust, whether you choose to or not is totally up to you. Confiding in family isn't for everyone. 

There are friends too. Close friends, besties, other people that are closer to your age. Excluding siblings if they are also close to your age. You can tell them about your troubles that they might even be able to relate to. They might even open up to you as well and you can help each other. Because helping someone else is such a great feeling that it can even brighten up your own mood.



It doesn't matter what is troubling you. There is always somewhere for you to go, someone for you to turn to. 




Re: Seeking Help

Woah, go @N1ghtW1ng !!


This is so great I love it ! you are such a caring and open person and it shows in your replies to other members all the time, you are a valued member of this community and we really appreciate and enjoy your input. We love ya!!!!


Yes its true, there is a lot of help out there and some people also have a lot of barriers to this help - physical, emotional, psychological..

While its possible to find help by yourself, its also great to let others know that you care and are there for them - even if its just listening or directing them to somewhere that can help further! You dont have to fix everyone but even doing a little to show you care and there are others that do too, Its all valuable in the bigger picture and can make a world of difference for people!



You are awesome N1ghtW1ng ! way to spread the love!


Re: Seeking Help

Awww @N1ghtW1ng
This is such an awesome post and reading that made me so happy and everyone deserves to hear that even the strongest people out there have moments where they are scared of seeking help and this is just so powerful.

You are so strong and we truly value you on the forums because you are so honest and caring and we truly do love that about you.

Keep on being awesome, you are an inspiration Smiley Happy
**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**

Re: Seeking Help

Way to go @N1ghtW1ng !


That was so awesome. How motivating and supportive.


It makes me feel so nice inside to have RO members like you on the forums Smiley Happy