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Re: Stuff that's happening!

Hi @Ben-RO,

Wasn't able to be there last night. Is there still a chance to contribute. 

Re: Stuff that's happening!

Hey everyone tomorrow is a big day for many of us as the outcome of the plebiscite is shared. It'll happen at about 10am (AEDT). Our forum is all about support, and so we want to support people.


Here's a couple of ways to get involved: 

  • If you're not feeling to great about this whole thing. Head here and click "start a topic" we'll be there for you Smiley Happy Head here and click "start a topic" 
  • If you want to talk about or prepare for tomorrow or talk about how things are going tomorrow with others, then join the conversation here. Just remember, tomorrow is about support, so we should focus on how people are feeling and how to help them be okay. Click here

 We're here for you! 


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Re: Stuff that's happening!

thanks @Ben-RO

**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**