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Re: What's happening this month? Monthly calendar of ReachOut activities!

What's happening in April 2020 ?


Whew. It's finally April - I think it's safe to say that March 2020 was a massive, sometimes turbulent and very challenging month for a lot of us here. 


We're really excited about all of the events we have lined up for this April, and we hope that they are all things that the community will find helpful as we all adjust to the "new normal" that we are living in now... so here is the calendar of events for April 2020! 


We know these Easter holidays will probably be a weird time for all of us, with people's normal travel plans and gatherings with friends and family no longer able to go ahead. So we are planning a lot of different activities, and will be focusing on well-being and special discussions about how we can all look after our mental health, and find new ways to connect Heart 

Youth Forums Monthly Activities and Events (4).png


Ask a Pro: COVID-19 

We know a lot of you have had questions about COVID-19. So for this month's Ask A Pro we will have  a mental health professional to answer all of your questions about looking after your mental health and well-being at such a challenging time. This will be on 23rd April, we will post closer to the date with bios, and a form where you can submit your questions. 


Special Discussions


We will have 3 special discussions this month. Our first one will be around setting boundaries, which is something that is on a lot of people's minds as we all navigate changes to our work lives and home lives that many of us didn't prepare for or expect. 

Then, we will discuss maintaining routine, and finally we will have a discussion on Life Swaps - or how to do the things you love when life has changed. 


There's also an amazing archive of Special Discussions on everything from recovery, to romantic relationships - you can check that out here 


Getting Reals


We have two getting reals lined up for the month - the first one will kick off next Monday April 6th, about Coping With Uncertainty.


Our second GR will be on Accessing Mental Health Online. This will kick off on Thursday, 23 April. 


AMAA: We will be hosting an AMAA (ask me almost anything) with one of our fantastic volunteer mods, on his experiences in mental health advocacy.


This will be held on Monday 20th April : the link is here

 This will be a fantastic discussion, we're really excited to learn more about the possibilities out there in the youth mental health advocacy space. 


Weekly Wellbeings


March saw some fantastic Weekly Wellbeings, from favourite pets, to ways to maintain self-care while living at home. Check out the archives here, and keep an eye out every Wednesday for a new Weekly Wellbeing activity!


Check out our community activities calendar for April 2020 here

Re: What's happening this month? Monthly calendar of ReachOut activities!

Getting psyched for all the amazing discussions we’re gonna have! Smiley Happy