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Advocacy - Ask a Pro Live with Bre August 29th 2019

Advocacy - Ask a Pro Live with Bre August 29th 2019


This month we are very excited to announce our Ask a Pro Live Event (formerly Infobus!) on the topic of Advocacy! It can be really difficult to advocate for yourself and for issues that are important to you, so let's explore this further in this month's Ask a Pro Live Event.


advocacy 2.gif



What is an Ask a Pro Live Event and how do I get involved?

Every month we run a live chat where special guests will come online to talk about a topic of importance in our community. This month our topic is Advocacy. You can submit questions ahead of time by filling in the form here or below, and join us live to see our guest's answers!


When are we talking about Advocacy?

Our guest Bre will be joining us on Thursday the 29th of August from 7pm-9pm (AEST)! 


Get to know Bre

“Hi! My name is Bre and I’m  the newest community manager on the forums and have worked in community services for five years. Before joining ReachOut I worked to support young people who have experienced disadvantage, to complete their education and career goals. As well as working with young people I have spent time supporting communities around Australia through a telephone crisis support service. These experiences have allowed me to understand how to access services, get referrals and advocate for oneself when needed.”


If you would like to get a notification 30 mins before we start the live discussion, high five this post! See you there!




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