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INFOBUS: eating disorders/body image

It seems like we just can't win - celebs make the front cover when they are too fat. They make the front cover when they are too thin. At the same time, society seems to say "thin = harworking & beautiful" and "fat = lazy & ugly".  With all these harsh critiques, rarely do we feel satisfied with our image. As a result, we can sometimes feel a great anxiety and pressure to achieve an imaginary appearance.


This month's guest!

Annabelle Ryburn is a registered psychologist at Eating Disorders Victoria who currently works with adults and teens who are experiencing eating disorders, disordered eating and other complex mental health problems.

She has worked in inpatient (hospitalised), day program and community care settings working with individuals and sometimes their family members as well, to find a way forward to recovery.



She says...

This month on Infobus we will chat about the links between body image concerns (described above) and eating disordered behaviour for under 26s. When some people experience difficult times - like self esteem concerns, feelings of low self-worth and social difficulty, trouble managing distressing emotional states and the common co-occurring problems of depression and anxiety - their  ‘solution’ to some of these problems is to get stuck in patterns of depending on eating disordered behaviours to feel ‘in control’ and OK. But then end up feeling ‘out of control’ and really not OK.


We can discuss the types of behaviours and thinking patterns around food/weight and shape that maintain eating disorders; and the types of behaviours and attitudes that can help prevent eating disorders or protect from them..



Got a question you’d like to ask Annabelle anonymously?
Submit it here and she’ll attempt to answer your question during the session.
9pm AEST April 24th


Random fact about Annabelle...

She understands that change can be challenging, but that amazing things can happen when we challenge ourselves to change and face our fears. Testament to this Annabelle has constantly challenged herself to try things that scare her too in life, such as rock-climbing, ice-hiking and snow-boarding..... and most recently getting ready to have a baby!

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Re: INFOBUS: eating disorders/body image

Hello everyone and welcome to April's infobus!


Myself and the excellent @Lightuptheworld will be facilitating the session tonight, and we are joined by registered psychologist from Eating Disorders Victoria Annabelle Ryburn (applause).


Tonight we're talking all about eating disorders and body image. This can be a pretty intense topic, so if at any stage you feel overwhelmed or upset by anything that happens in the discussion, know you can always have a chat with the legends at Kids Helpline (webchat or 1800 55 1800).


As always, please take note of the guidelines that help everyone feel safe & supported here: stay anonymous; no linking to other campaigns without permission and no descriptions of self-harm, suicide or abuse that might be triggering to others. There’s more guidelines, read them here.




What are your thoughts on this question?


FACT OR FICTION? Eating disorder is a diet gone wrong...


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Re: INFOBUS: eating disorders/body image

I'm going to have to say fact. 


I haven't heard of it lately, but I remember when growing up, people used to talk about restricting kJ intakes and counting how many kJ's we are consuming. People get so obsessed with it, that they don't know when to stop.

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Re: INFOBUS: eating disorders/body image

Hey everyone! Smiley Happy


FACT OR FICTION? Eating disorder is a diet gone wrong...

> FICTION! There's a lot more to eating disorders than just assuming it was 'a diet that went wrong'!

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Re: INFOBUS: eating disorders/body image

I don't think it's a diet gone wrong. Eating disorders consume every part ofyour life and distorts all your thinking. Everything gets distorted and you lost control (even when you think your in control if what you eat and do)
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Re: INFOBUS: eating disorders/body image

Hi Every-one! Annabelle the psychologist here. Thanks for having me along. I work with teens and adults as a full-time job helping them to work with problems around eating...not eating and body image. I hope that tonight we can bust some myths and answer the tricky questions together so we can feel more calm and comfortable talking about these issues that can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming :-)


Re: INFOBUS: eating disorders/body image

Hi everyone! Smiley Happy 


FACT OR FICTION? Eating disorder is a diet gone wrong...?


Fiction. It's so much more complicated than that because there's often mental health issues involved and it's not always about dieting. It can be about control, about wanting to look or feel a certain way...there's lots of explanations and reasons. 


Re: INFOBUS: eating disorders/body image

You are right Red-Head.... eating disoders are not a diet gone wrong. They are a serious mental health disorder, and have much more reasons for taking root than someone just having been on a diet.


However, a lot of times a diet can be the trigger for an eating disorder to start.... but usually there is a lot of other stuff going on for a person before the diet starts


Re: INFOBUS: eating disorders/body image

Welcome @Myvo , @stonepixie  and @stonepixie.

It's great to hear your thoughts and it's true that eating disorders aren't just diets gone wrong. There's so much more to it than that.


Re: INFOBUS: eating disorders/body image

It's interesting to hear your view @stonepixie.

However an eating disorder can be more than just counting calories, etc.